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Patriarch survives attack by suicide bomber in Syria

The head of the Syrian Orthodox Church had a narrow escape on Sunday when a suicide bomber blew himself up during a commemoration service which he attended. …

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30 Oct 2014 Articles No comments

Apologists Make Mistakes Too!

In researching and writing my new book, Behold Your Mother - A Biblical and Historical Defense of the Marian Doctrines, I not only lay out an exhaustive defense…

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07 Apr 2015 Q&A Comments (1)

Is it true there are so many relics of the Virgin Mary that put together there would be enough bones…

Full Question I have heard that there are so many relics of the Virgin Mary's body that, put together, there would be enough bones for more than one person…

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04 Jun 2015 Articles Q&A Comments (5)

Communion in the Hand: When Did it Start?

Issue: When was Communion in the hand first permitted? Response: In 1969 Memoriale Domini provided for the reception of Communion in the hand in limited area…

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Pope Francis claims war is the result of 'arrogant' abuse of power

In a passionate speech on Thursday, Pope Francis condemned as arrogant the mentality of revenge and the abuses of power that lead to violent conflicts. "Viol…

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A call to joy, mercy and hope – LA's three new bishops ordained

Archbishop Jose H. Gomez of Los Angeles ordained three new auxiliary bishops on Thursday, including the prominent internet evangelist Father Robert Barron. The …

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‘The violence must stop,’ Cardinal Nichols says, after MPs’ genocide vote

The bishops of England and Wales have welcomed a unanimous vote by the House of Commons declaring atrocities committed by ISIS as genocide. Cardinal Vincent …

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Cameroon: human screens protect worshippers at Sunday Mass after Boko Haram terror attack

After Boko Haram terror attacks in northern Cameroon, Catholics in the African country have formed human chains to screen off areas where Mass is celebrated out…

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Does the Church condemn those who disagree with its teachings?

Full Question Why does the Catholic Church pronounce anathemas upon those who disagree with its teachings? This was done, for example, at the Council of Tr…

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You need to work toward an honest economy, Pope tells bankers

Pope Francis Saturday met with members of Italy’s largest credit union, encouraging them to promote an economy that is rooted in honesty, and to promote a “globalization of solidarity."

“Concern yourself with the relationship between economy and social justice, keeping the dignity and value of the person at the center," the pontiff said to representatives of the Banca di Credito Cooperativo (BCC) of Rome.

“Increase the economy of honesty. You are asked not only to be honest – this is normal – but to diffuse honesty," and help it take root in all areas.

Pope Francis met with BCC managers, employees, and their families in the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall on Sept. 12.


Having met with the members of the credit union earlier in the year, the Pope reiterated his call for the group to promote of social justice, be attentive to youth unemployment, to support families, and to encourage an economy of honesty.

The pontiff also encouraged them to promote new enterprises, find new solutions to welfare in the area of healthcare, and to take part in globalization, in order that it may become a “globalization of solidarity."

In addition to promoting growth and prudent management of the banking cooperative prudently, what is more important is that managers “seek to humanize the economy, (and) unite efficiency with solidarity," he said.

Pope Francis went on to address the concept of “subsidiarity" within the Church’s social doctrine, saying that credit unions practice this concept in the way they confront crises, relying on their own resources rather than on social institutions.

“This is subsidiarity: to not put weight on institutions, and therefore on the country, when one can confront problems with ones own strength, with responsibility," the Pope said. “This is not only because, as one says, union makes strength, but because there is the need to think bigger, to broaden the horizons."

The BCC, he said, offers the possibility of a network whereby the companies can be started, thus creating jobs needed “to support families, to undergo microcredit, and other means of humanizing the economy.

The Pope concluded his address by encouraging those present to continue with “coherence and joy" as they work toward the common good.

By Ann Schneible


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