ZOMBIES! – Prominent bishop has choice words about Pokemon Go!

A prominent Italian bishop has blasted Pokemon Go, saying the game is turning children into zombies.

Bishop Antonio Stagliano has condemned Pokemon Go. The popular Sicilian bishop says the game is “diabolical” and is turning kids into the “walking dead.”

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game played on the smartphone. Kids can “see” the virtual Pokemon on their phone using its GPS device and camera. When they find one, they can capture it. They can then use their captured Pokemon for play battles against other players.

However, the augmented reality nature of the game has people walking around while staring at their phones.

Instead of watching where they’re going, people sometimes watch their screens.

Dozens of people have been injured, even killed, playing the game which many describe as “addictive.”

Bishop Stagliano declared the game to be “a totalitarian system close to Nazism.”

Is the bishop making much ado about nothing? Some defenders of the game have praised the game’s ability to get people off the couch and exercising.

Whether or not Pokemon hunting is bad depends on how much people do it. People who play the game in excess and neglect their responsibilities prove the bishop right. However, those who enjoy the game in moderation prove him wrong. But certainly, the game has addictive potential for many players and therein lies the concern.

By Marshall Connolly (CALIFORNIA NETWORK)


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