10 Things to give up for Lent other than chocolate

Fasting from food is a tough sacrifice, but it’s not the only option for Lent.

It’s time to start thinking about Lent, and the inevitable yearly dilemma of what to give up. Chocolate, desserts, and other tasty foods are a classic choice for many people, since it really is challenging to go without them for six weeks. You might even choose to do a more rigorous fast, avoiding all processed foods and practicing intermittent fasting.

But giving up food isn’t a great option for many people: Maybe you’re pregnant or nursing, or have allergies or health conditions that limit your diet already, or a history with eating disorders, or just don’t want to give up chocolate yet again. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of things to “fast” from this Lent that don’t involve food.

One crucial thing to keep in mind is that Lent has three pillars: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Fasting is just one piece of the puzzle for having a meaningful Lent. While these suggestions focus on fasting, don’t forget the other two pillars as well. Attending daily Mass more often, praying the Liturgy of the Hours, spending time in Adoration, praying a regular family Rosary, making a Morning Offering every day—there are countless ways to spend more time in prayer this Lent. Along with giving of your time or money to support worthy charities and people in need, you will be set to observe a sacrificial Lent, so that Easter will bring you the jubilation that Christ intended us to have.

Here are 10 ideas to consider when it comes to fasting this Lent (other than chocolate):

Screen Time and digital devices

Hot Showers
Snacking between meals
Listening to music and the radio
Lazy shortcuts
Eating out

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