10 touching quotes about Mother Teresa by people who met her

From St John Paul II to the Queen, Mother Teresa left a lasting impression on those she met

“Travelling tirelessly the streets of the entire world. Mother Teresa marked history of our century. This morning, I celebrated, with intimate emotion, Holy Mass for her, unforgettable witness to a love made up of concrete and ceaseless service to the poorest of our brothers.” – Pope John Paul II, 1997
“Mother’s death represents an immense loss to the millions touched by her charity. Such a one as her has rarely walked the earth.” – KR Narayanan, President of India, 1997
“A beacon of light and hope for millions of poor has gone out of our lives.” – IK Gujral, Prime Minister of India, 1997
“Mother Teresa is gone, but as the gospels teach us these things endure: faith, hope and love. She had them in abundance.” – Bill Clinton, US President, 1997
“She will continue to live on in the hearts of all those who have been touched by her selfless love.” – Queen Elizabeth II, 1997
“She was very human – she loved chocolate, she loved ice cream.” –Father Brian Kolodiejchuk, director of the Mother Teresa Centre, 2016
“She would say to me in difficult times, ‘Don’t give in to your feelings. God is permitting this.’ This really taught me that the best and the worst in life would pass and if I learn myself to accept the cross, to be quiet, humble and hopeful, that all will pass.” – Sister Nirmala, Superior General, Missionaries of Charity, Calcutta, 2007
“Mother had a very different and special light and a magnetic, personable charisma. She was truly a Mother to all of us, filled with unconditional, selfless love.” – Michael Collopy, photographer, 2016
“She knew what she wanted, and she was single-minded in getting things done.” – Jim Towey, President of Ave Maria University, 2016
“Her witness was testimony that things can change. She did not speak of justice so much as do justice.” – Ken Hackett, US ambassador to the Holy See, 2016

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