15 Annoying Things That Need to Stop Happening During Mass


hat annoying things do you think people should stop doing during Mass?

On The Catholic Talk Show, Ryan DellaCrosse, Fr. Rich Pagano, and Ryan Scheel discuss “15 Things That Need to Stop Happening During Mass.”

The guys cover the following topics:

• The irritating things that too many Catholics do
• Should you hold hands during the Our Father?
• The biggest Church design flaws
• What parts of the liturgy do priests need to do better?

Listen to the episode below:

15 Things That Need to Stop Happening During Mass, According to The Catholic Talk Show

1) Clapping During Mass

2) Too many extraordinary ministers of the Holy Eucharist

3) Receiving from the cup when you are sick

4) Wandering around during sign of peace, peace sign during sign of peace

5) Excessive socializing before Mass

6) Not fasting before Mass


7) Keeping your phone ringer on when you go to Mass

8) Not donating

9) Leaving early from Mass

10) Bad preaching during homilies

11) Receiving Communion in the state of mortal sin


12) Dressing improperly

13) Not ringing the bells during the consecration

14) Genuflecting towards the altar when the tabernacle is located elsewhere

15) Holding hands during the Our Father

Would you add anything to this list?


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  1. 14) Genuflecting towards the altar when the tabernacle is located elsewhere—– can be wrong…..In the General Instruction on the Roman Missal, which gives us our directions for Mass, it
    stipulates that genuflections to the tabernacle ought not to take place during Mass. The
    presence of the tabernacle is de-emphasized, and instead, our primary focus should be on the
    altar. It is to the altar that we bow.

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