2 Kinds of Priests?

Q. 1. I am told that there are two kinds of priests. What does that mean? Ain’t all priests the same?


A. 1. When a reference is made to two kinds of priests, it is a reference to Diocesan priests and non-Diocesan priests. They differ in the authority that they are called to obey and in the vows that they make. Allow me to explain.
The Diocesan priest is under the supervision of the Diocesan Bishop. To the Bishop, he makes the vows of obedience and chastity. He does not make the vow of poverty, this meaning that he can own property or be involved in operating a business, over and above the ministry capacity in which he is called to serve. Usually these priests will only minister in their Diocese during their lifetime.

The non-Diocesan priests belong to a Religious Order such as the Franciscans, the Jesuits, the Dominicans, the Oblats, the Redemptorists, etc… They make the vows of obedience, chastity and poverty. They do not own anything. What they use, it belongs to the religious community. If they receive earnings for work performed, the cheque goes to the Religious Order that provides all of their daily needs. They answer to their superior who answers to the “Provincial” (the District authority).

These priests are appointed to a Church/Parish by their Provincial. The Provincial works closely with the Diocesan Bishops within his district. Any of these Bishops may ask him to manage a Church/parish or open up a mission within their territory. He may accept or deny the requests. If he accepts them, he then sends forth his priests by appointment for a number of years. After the completion of a set number of years, these priests are transferred elsewhere. These priests may minister in numerous Parishes, Dioceses, Provinces/States and countries during their lifetime.

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  1. In my own opinion and from the readings in the bible about Christ… Jesus is the son of God. And he is the saviour of all people, he redeemed our sins .. Thts why he died in the cross. When we pray , we talked to jesus as the son of God. Thru him we thanked our father….. GOD THE FATHER….OF ALL MANKIND. Am i right..?

    • But Jesus initiated the priesthood and found the Church on Peter. Being part of the Church is being part of the New Covenant with God. Why did Jesus gave the power to the Apostle’s to forgive sins if People could already ask for forgiveness to God the Father? Why did Jesus gave the keys to heaven to Peter and entrusted his flock? Why did Paul corrected Christians who are living immorally if those People already believed in Christ and in protestant logic they are already saved? Why did Christ sent God the Holy spirit to accompany his Church? Why did Paul ask people to pray for him if he could already go straight to Jesus? Does God works with multiple person as his point of contact with Men? Or Does God work in one group of people with only one leader?

    • Be very careful!!
      I suggest you do some studying before making comments like this. I do understand you asking if you are right. He is only the savior of the people who accepts him as savior, this is because we can only receive salvation through Jesus. However if we don’t understand why he is called the lamb of god, bread from heaven etc. we have to link everything from Adam and Eve to Moses to John the Baptist
      We have to understand why the Miracles in the Old Testament then link it to to New Testament
      We must understand that the New Testament is a revelation of the old.
      Get a good catholic based bible study going.
      Don’t comment ask questions until you understand fully.
      If you are catholic ask the local beacon or your parish priest
      Just advice…

  2. If Diocesan priests can “own”, I think they can study further so that they can “own” certain things that they bought. They can be Psychologists etc because they don’t vow/promise poverty. Can they “work” to earn a living or should the parish/congregation still look after them?

  3. I don’t mind to know how many kind of priests existing anymore. Since I was a child, I have been taught all kind of good stuffs about them. I thought they were chosen by God until one day one tried to rape me. Since, I don’t go to church anymore. I am thinking changing religion but I was born catholic I wish I will die being a Catholic. I feel missing something and lost sometimes, but I know only you can save your soul by your action, your faith and your Fear in God.

    • Hi Cindy! Please don’t throw away the bushel of apples because there was a rotten one in it. When we go to church we don’t go for the priest, we go to worship God. God loves you no matter what church you decide to go, but remember there are bad apples everywhere! Please come back home!

    • Cindy that was unfortunate. they are also human but when sins he should be made to pay for his sins, this will help him not to abuse anyone again. when you go to worship the priest only help you but it God whom we worship. the priest is human with his human frailty.. to help heal you, forgive him and pray for him.. there is the element of holiness which is a persona choice, it doesnt matter who you are, you can choose to be holy or not whether you are priest, religious or lay.. sorry for the pain.. let us pray for all our priests…

    • Hi Cindy, I hope you are not making up a story, God knows. Where were you then? So many I don’t believe especially online with some knuckle heads online trying to destroy the church. Too many in protestants are in the same wagon on that.

  4. @Cindy, i understand what u feel. The Church is holy. By his grace Jesus makes the church holy, just as he is holy. This doesnt mean that each member is always holy. Jesus said there would be good and bad members in the Church (John 6 v 70 )and not all the members would be go to heaven (Matt. 7 v 21-23). But the Church itself is holy bec. it is the sohurce of holiness ,it is the guardian of the special means of grace. Not all priest are good but few are bad, those bad are tempted by devil. Have faith in your church. if you lose faith or abandon the Church of Christ that he gave us which is the pillar and foundaion of truth, the devil wins.

  5. Never head in my Catholic life there are two kinds of priest. I don’t think your definition of Diocesan priest exit and pray no such priest exit. If a priest does not include poverty in his vows he should not be a priest at all but go be a business man and earn his living making money.

    • They exist. That’s not to say that they are greedy and start businesses for personal gain. Saying a priest must take a vow of poverty should also imply that everyone else take a vow of poverty and turn over their excess to the diocese as was common practice in the early church. Plus all it really means is that a Diocesan priest can keep whatever gift he’s been given instead of having it shared by the community.

    • I agree. Every Catholic priest should take the vows of poverty, chastity & obedience. One of those “diocesan” priests landed up in our parish and since his arrival he has split up and fragmented the congregation through his materialistic values. Now over 50% of the congregation have joined a neighbouring parish who has a true leader and shepherd of his flock. In the meantime this “diocesan” priest has spent so much money on decorating the church and he openly a nounces that he has NO time for poor people. His homilies are based on his venting personal anger against people in the parish. All he wants from them is vast sums of money. Numerous letters of complaint from several parishioners to the bishop of the diocese has been to no avail. The pews are getting more empty by the week whilst those who have remained in the congregation are either afraid of this false ‘priest’ or have joined him in his dictatorship values. It’s the saddest situation I have ever experienced in my lifelong faith as a Catholic… so we just pray, pray and try to pray him away!

    • We need to be careful with some website that brings name of Catholic. A lot of them right now, twisting it, the first time you read it’s good, but later on you can tell that it’s fake. I encountered these website especially when it says .com at the end name. One example, this person is bringing a name of (mostblessedsacrament) deceiptful person, his tasks to make videos of himself on YouTube. A lot with .com

  6. What happens when u go to a priest and ask for help or advice on helpin ur marriage out , then for him to tell u that he doesn’t know anything about that That was the last chance I had In working things out and now divorced can’t see my kids and loss some on my faith and that’s just some of the story about that priest

  7. Priest’s are sinful human beings, just like the rest of us. Ordination does not remove their humanity or ability to sin. Theyes have to go to Confession like the rest of us. Most of the diocesan priest’s I know make very little money, but are responsible for paying for and maintaining, for instance, they automobiles they use to travel to sick calls, to other parishes to help when there are shortages of priests to administer the Sacraments. They have to buy their own clothing, and often their own groceries. They also often pay, at least in part, for further necessary education. Diocesan priests were not called to be order priests. It’s a whole different structure.

  8. I guess this explains my confusion over the way some priests are just about fund raising only in my parish while some others who come after are averse to it. Thank you for letting me know that there are two kinds of Priests in the Catholic Church.

  9. Each of the Priest may raise fund but what is important that distinguishes them is the vow to be poor, owing nothing of their own

  10. @Cindy That bad priest has absolutely nothing to do between you and God. He is NOT a factor; not worth a thing. Keep your relationship with God. Talk to other priests. Go to a support group. God knows what happened and he will avenge you. You deserve to enjoy being Catholic and all that it represents. Please pray on it.

  11. God Loves You Cindy. Embrace God and come back to His Church, avail of it’s Sacraments. bad priests has nothing to do with your salvation. we’ll be praying for you… God Bless…

  12. There is more to this.

    The non diocesan priests are also known as the missionaries. They further come in two categories;- “Religious” and “Secular”.

    The religious missionaries are the ones who take the vow of poverty and usually live in communal set up. It is easy to identify them as they are always in their priest vestments even when not attending to any church duties. An example of the religious missionaries are the Franciscan fathers.

    The secular missionaries don’t take the vow of poverty and don’t live in communal set ups. They are allowed to own personal property. It is not easy to identify them outside the church because they wear normal clothing like anyone else. They only adone a crucifix. An example of the secular priests are the Mill Hill Missionaries.

    I know all this because I was once aspiring to be a missionary priest. I did my background check on all of the religious orders.

    Thank you all.

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