Three Steps that can Help Any Family get to Sunday Masses On Time

Being to Masses on time has become a huge challenge for most families. And overtime it has seem to be passed on from parents to their children and their children’s children after them. Most people are already so use to it.

I have heard people on several occasions arguing whether or not it’s a late-coming to arrive a Holy Mass during the Readings before the Homilies, and 99% always agreed it is never late-coming. This is so because late-coming has so become a norm in most families that our kids and family members tag stages of an already begun Mass as a fair time to be arriving, thereby sometimes making late-coming an intentional act among some faithfuls.

The truth is, once your use to being late for Sunday Masses, it’s really becomes a big challenge to change that, but the fact remains that it is shameful and dishonoring to God. Therefore we need to pick up the challenge and purge the bad habit; that we in reverse will get used to always arriving our Parishes On-Time for the Holy Mass. As a family and individual the following three steps could help you adjust and beat the bad habit of Late-coming to a Holy Mass:

1. Simplify Breakfast: Taking a palatial Breakfast before mass is one routine that greatly consumes a lot of time before you can make it to Mass. Especially as a family with kids around. It’s recommended you take a very simple breakfast, just something to hold your system up. You could give the kids fruits they could chew while you get them all dressed up and brush their hair. simple foods like fresh fruits, chocolate bars, biscuits, etc.

2. Multitasking: Inculcate in you the habit of always being fast in putting everything up before the Mass by possibly doing many things at the same time. Prioritizing every step of the preparation is very important. Preparing for mass should mainly just take you three steps: Breakfast, Bath/dress-up and Hair-done, and your good to go. As a matter of fact your kid or you can be eating your biscuits (simple breakfast) while dressing-up and getting a hair done at the same time.

3. Planning: Planning ahead of time helps a lot in avoiding getting caught off-guard with situations when preparing for mass. Using few minutes, an hour or more from a night before the Mass to pick out your kids outfit and make available the simple breakfast would go a long way. So that in the morning it would be a lot easier, you wouldn’t be running around looking for one thing or other, thereby wasting time at home before the mass.
In summary, Sunday mornings don’t have to be hectic. You just need to stick to making it lighter to kick-off just as described above. And your family just might make it into the pew before the Church bells begin ringing.
This post was inspired by an article in written by John Laney

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