3 threatening tactics Satan uses to keep us away from God


Satan uses several tactics to keep us away from God. Recognizing this is the first step towards defeating him.

Satan would like nothing more than for people to stop worshipping the good Lord. We cannot be fooled; the devil is smart and employs new tricks that can often go unnoticed. Tim Challies from Crosswalk.com shared some of the tactics Satan uses to keep us from doing what God wishes us for us to do. Here are just three of the ways Satan tries to tempt us to his side – unknowingly.

1. Satan makes the world more appealing than Him.

Most people tend to move away from God after they see the world as more attractive on the other side. Satan tempts with worldly riches for their souls. We can see the beauty and majesty of the world as God created it. God loves us the most, but the earthly riches can never be more beautiful and majestic than the Lord Himself and His love.

 2. Satan flags that to worship is a burden.

The devil will do anything to defeat God, and one of his tactics is to scare us with the difficulties that come with worshipping God well. Satan will continue to tell us that doing all things in His glory and sacrificing our earthly lives for moments with Him are all worthless. He will even make us see and feel that those devoted suffer too much.

3. Satan will keep us from doing more for God.

Satan will try to make us stop worshipping God more than we are now, flattering us with the belief that we have done enough for Him. But we haven’t, and we shall not rest on glorifying the Lord. Be inspired to do more. Challies suggests that we keep track of our attitude and behavior towards faithful worship to keep our path to God unstoppable.

This article was first published on Jul 23, 2015.

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  1. nothing is worth comparing with God. Satan is not a threat to the Glory of God as long as I know! No matter how foolish I am, with God I stay!! My God my Hope!!!

  2. Pride, greed, blasphenous , arrogance, HATRED IN OUR HEART, never knew his to forgive, were traits that LUCIFER LOVEs SO much, if you have one of THIS?,JESUS WILL NEVER ENTER INTO YOUR HEART, JESUS WAS THE LORD OF LIGHT; WHILE LUCIFER WAS THE god of lost light or darkness..m

  3. Every single person has the power, God given, to do great things. Great before God means self sacrifice for the sake of the other. When we do random acts of kindness , for the greater glory of God, we can sacrifice in many little ways, because the fire in our soul is fueled by the love of Jesus that we can see in each other.

  4. I died of heroin overdose.I stopped breathing for 2minutes Jesus,as I believe in him touched me and he awoke me from death.The paramedics helped too!

  5. God’ love is AMAZING. He is aware of our struggles and constantly endows us with Grace as a weapon. Thank you for the encouragement. It is what we all need. Greeting to you all from Kenya.

    1. Please do not say you did not do enough for God! That’s for God to decide and no one else. We all on this earth do what we can for we are not perfect. Keep your prayers going and he will listen. OK stay strong and resilient.

  6. In God We Trust. We Hear God When He Shows Us What We Ask Of Him. Having Faith & Believeing He’ll Show Your Answer Of How You Prayed & Ask For His Miracle Of Hope. Tell Satan That He Can Not Save You Like God Does So He’s Power Can Leave You Alone.

  7. Also beware of Ayn Rand Satanism. ….her evil books and teachings….they are center cor ered to the Satanist belief system. …Anton LaVey (church of Satan) had advocated her teachings and many devil worshippers are proud to embrace her teachings…..she repackaged Satanic teachings in secular writings. DO NOT BE FOOLED. Lucifer came as an angel of light.

  8. The Rosary not only destroys his plots against you but frees souls from pergatory. Pray the Rosary, and together we can free those in pergatory sooner by God’s Love. What would Jesus not do for his mother?

  9. We never stop adoring, glorifying,honoring, praising, and worshiping God! We are for God all the time! Only God can keep us away from the attacks of the demons! We have to fight back! With the help of Saint Michael the Archangel, he always defends us! Keep praying the prayer of Saint Michael !

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