3 unexpected ways you're 'ruining' your child's life

“You’re the worst mom in the world!” “You’re so mean!” If you’re a mom, chances are you’ve heard these heartbreaking phrases screeching out of your “precious angel” a time or two. Even if you are actually the “best mom,” you have more than likely heard these hurtful words.

Whether or not you have been belittled by your child, it’s hard not to question your parenting. Am I doing what’s right by my child? Am I ruining his/her life? Am I a terrible parent?
In most cases, it is nearly impossible to answer those questions. Parenting is one of the most difficult tasks an adult will endure. You are responsible for the entire life of another human being for their first 18 years on God’s planet. While raising your children, falling into seemingly harmless, but actually toxic patterns can become easy.
With some help from, we present to you three ways we parents may be “ruining” our kids.

1. Where’s the Bible?

The Bible and prayer in a child’s life can be a most important detail in their childhood. According to, a child only seeing the family’s devotion to God on Sundays during church is not enough. “If you want to pass along a vibrant faith in God to your children, you must model it.” Pray with your children on a daily basis. Show them, by example, that God is there at all times. Take time to read the Bible as a family. “Let your children consistently see your faith in action.”

2. Your marriage is invisible.

Sometimes it can be difficult to remember that you are both a parent and a spouse. After all the daily chores and tasks that involve the child, taking the time to appreciate your significant other can be tiresome and is often pushed aside. Your child is watching you, though. He/she is learning how to be a parent and how relationships work. “The greatest gift you can give your kids is a strong marriage,” according to When the marriage is strong, the child is provided with not only a good example for the future, but also a sense of security, love and strength in life.
3. Anything so they don’t scream.
With iPhones and electronic tablets so readily available, resisting the temptations to hand the devices over to your children for a minute of peace and quiet is near impossible to resist. However, by doing this, you are teaching your child to constantly crave entertainment. Every moment of every day has to be entertaining for the child and ultimately, you are erasing his/her imagination and free spirit. “If your child can’t find something to do without your help or without a screen, they are headed for trouble,” stated

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