50 Unique Catholic Boy Names

While you can think of any English language name as a Christian name, Catholic names are those given to a child in the Catholic church when they are baptized after birth. Many Catholic boy names hold special meaning in the church, as they reference famous saints and figures in the Bible. Giving your child a Catholic name can be a beautiful way to start them out on the right path in life. Keep on reading to find our list with the 50 most unique Catholic boy names for your baby.

Here are 50 Catholic names for Baby Boys and their meanings:

  1. Aaron (Meaning: The exalted one)
  2. Adam (Meaning: The one made)
  3. Amos (Meaning: Brave)
  4. Augustine (Meaning: Of Augustus)
  5. Barnabas (Meaning: Son of consolation)
  6. Benedict (Meaning: Blessed)
  7. Benjamin (Meaning: Favorite son)
  8. Caleb (Meaning: Bold)
  9. Charles (Meaning: Man)
  10. Christopher (Meaning: Christ bearer)
  11. Curtis (Meaning: Courteous)
  12. Daniel (Meaning: The Lord is judge)
  13. Dominic (Meaning: The Lord’s)
  14. David (Meaning: Beloved)
  15. Eamon (Meaning: Happy protection)
  16. Emmanuel/Immanuel (Meaning: God with us)
  17. Ezra (Meaning: Help)
  18. Frederick (Meaning: Peaceful ruler)
  19. Gabriel (Meaning: God’s strength)
  20. Gerard (Meaning: Strong spear)
  21. Gregory (Meaning: Watchman)
  22. Hector (Meaning: Holding fast)
  23. Homer (Meaning: Hostage)
  24. Hugo (Meaning: Thought)
  25. Ian (Meaning: Merry)
  26. Isaac (Meaning: Laughter)
  27. Jacob (Meaning: Seizing by the heel)
  28. James (Meaning: Supplanter)
  29. Jeremiah (Meaning: The Lord loosens)
  30. Jesse (Meaning: Strong)
  31. John (Meaning: God has mercy)
  32. Jonathan (Meaning: God gave)
  33. Joseph (Meaning: Increase)
  34. Joshua (Meaning: Help of Jehovah)
  35. Jude (Meaning: Praised)
  36. Julius (Meaning: Just)
  37. Kilian (Meaning: Church)
  38. Leo (Meaning: Lion)
  39. Lewis (Meaning: Famous war)
  40. Luke (Meaning: Light)
  41. Mark (Meaning: God of war)
  42. Matthew (Meaning: The Lord’s gift)
  43. Michael (Meaning: Who is like God?)
  44. Nathaniel (Meaning: Gift of God)
  45. Nicholas (Meaning: People’s victory)
  46. Paul (Meaning: Little)
  47. Peter (Meaning: Rock)
  48. Samuel (Meaning: Name of God)
  49. Simon (Meaning: Obedient)
  50. Zachariah (Meaning: God remembers)

Feel free to add your name to this list of Catholic names in the comment; you may be helping someone pick a name for their baby. Remain blessed!

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