A Civilised Nation Does Not Kill Babies

US-based Tony Magliano is at the Washington March for Life again this year

What a sight!

Over 25 times from the top of Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., I have seen a sea of people marching to proclaim the dignity of unborn human life, and how death-dealing abortion sends the unholy message that some human beings are disposable.

As I write, I am a just one day away from marching with and viewing that sea of people once again. It’s always a moral and spiritual shot-in-the-arm for me.

But good as they are, the Washington “March for Life” (Jan. 27), the “Walk for Life West Coast” (Jan. 21), the “Midwest March for Life” (Feb. 4) and dozens of similar events at state capitols throughout the U.S., they simply are not enough.

While significant progress has been made to lessen the number of abortions, nonetheless, according to the National Right to Life Committee over 1 million unborn brothers and sisters are brutally dismembered by abortion each year.

And according to the World Health Organisation over 55 million unborn babies worldwide are aborted every year.

Throughout the entire year believers in the God of life need to pray, educate, peacefully protest at abortion facilities, donate and lobby on behalf of the unborn – the unborn can’t do it for themselves.

Signing-up to receive legislative alerts from your state Catholic conference will greatly help. This will easily allow you to promote legislation protecting the lives and dignity of unborn and born human beings alike.

The execution of over 300,000 abortions every year makes Planned Parenthood the largest abortion provider in the U.S.  How can any person who truly respects life support abortion – the barbaric dismembering of tiny innocent unborn babies . There simply is no morally acceptable reason to perform an abortion.

The developing human being in utero is nothing short of miraculous!

Watch this fascinating video produced by Alexander Tsiaras, mathematician and former chief of scientific visualisation at Yale University’s Department of Medicine. And after watching it ask yourself, “How is it possible that anyone could destroy such a marvelous work of God.”

A civilised nation does not kill babies waiting to be born. And if we dare carry this life-affirming perspective to its logical moral conclusion, we must also declare that a civilized society does not kill anyone, for any reason, period.

That was the life-affirming perspective of the early church. In their theology no blood could be spilled – no abortion, no capital punishment, no war.

It was a Gospel-centered theology based on the unconditional love of God towards every person, as best exemplified by Jesus.

We would do well to walk in the footsteps of the nonviolent Master and his early followers, proclaiming in word and deed that no life is disposable, and that every person is a beloved child of the God of life!

By Tony Magliano

Tony Magliano is an internationally syndicated social justice and peace columnist. He is available to speak at diocesan or parish gatherings about Catholic social teaching. His keynote address, “Advancing the Kingdom of God in the 21st Century,” has been well received by diocesan and parish gatherings from Santa Clara, Calif. to Baltimore, Md. Tony can be reached at tmag@zoominternet.net.



  1. Tom Rafferty Reply

    Allowing the woman to exercise her right to bodily autonomy regarding a potential person IS NOT MURDER.

  2. Patrick Gannon Reply

    Where do the souls go? All these aborted babies… what happens to them?
    In the old days, they and everyone else would go to Sheol to await in a state of unconsciousness, the end of the world, upon which they would be wakened and judged. If they were good, and we would assume an aborted soul would be good, then they would be rewarded with a new paradise, but if they were bad, then they would be destroyed.
    Along comes the “good news” of Jesus, and now we are judged immediately upon death, and if good, we are rewarded with heaven, and if bad or found wanting, we are sent to eternal torment in hellfire. I fail to see how this “good news” has improved our condition.
    In any event, the Catholic catechism says that if these totally helpless and innocent souls are stupid enough to get themselves killed before being baptized, then their default destination is Hell. Sometimes, uneducated Catholics will question this, but the catechism is clear in saying the Church knows of no way to salvation outside of baptism. It’s also clear in the invention of “Limbo” by Augustine, in an attempt to deny salvation to these innocents, while not torching them to quite the same degree as normal sinners. If there was no path to Hell for the unbaptized infants, there would be no need to invent LImbo. Finally, the Church has a document that specifically addresses this issue in great detail, concluding that Catholics may “hope” that their god isn’t a complete monster, but it’s only a hope, and not an article of faith (pretending to know things you don’t know). The default destination in the Catholic Church for these aborted souls is Hell. That’s why abortion is bad.
    Isn’t there a bigger problem here, though? If Yahweh-Jesus is sending completely innocent, helpless souls to Hell, then Catholics are worshipping an evil god. I question how anyone could worship a god that they believe sends the most helpless humans possible to Hell, denying them salvation, whatever that is, simply for the crime of dying prior to being baptized – something they have no control over.
    When you defend the Catholic stance on abortion, you are indicating that you worship an evil god. Keep that in mind. Is it possible that the Church got its god wrong? The DNA evidence indicates that we did not evolve from just two individuals, and that means there was no original sin, thus no need for these infants to go to Hell, and no need to be saved from Hell by believing, saying and doing the right things with regard to Jesus. Jesus becomes moot, when there is no original sin.
    It would be one thing for the Church to be against abortion, if they were for contraception in order to prevent the condition in the first place, but the maniacal obsession with sex (all related to original sin), puts them in the position of denying the very thing that would prevent their god from sending innocent souls to Hell in the first place.
    The Catholic mantra should be: Contraception saves souls from going to Hell.

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