A dying woman finally receives the Papal blessing

Corinne Barber has finally after a long strive to see the Holy Father gotten more than she bargained for, she got a Papal blessing directly from the Holy Father himself.
Corinne Barber 42 years of age, from Leith, Edinburgh, suffers from a complex congenital heart defect. She had her dying wish of visiting the Vatican to get to see the Pope fulfilled. Her trip was funded by free-will donations worth $9000 she got through her GoFundMe Page from well-wishers, friends, relatives and even the office of the Archbishop of Edinburgh. She is grateful to everyone who contributed to accomplishing to what she called her last wish.  She said: “I feel more energised and more focused than I have done in years.”
Barber said: “The whole experience has been beautiful and extremely emotional. I have had the honour of seeing the Sistine chapel, the Apostolic Palace and have been brought to tears visiting the chambers under the Basilica and seeing the bones of St Peter. But, of course, the highlight of my trip was receiving the blessing from Pope Francis.”
“The walk through the Vatican and into the general audience was like a journey back in time. It was almost as though the scene may have been trapped in amber for hundreds of years. The sound of voices echoed around the square some lifted in song, some in greeting and some in laughter but they all fell silent as the audience began.
“Towards the end of the service Pope Francis descended and moved to meet those in wheelchairs personally. He walked among us – greeting and touching the hands of many. Then he stopped in front of me and touched my head and blessed me. It was the most wonderful experience imaginable. Afterwards, I went back to my hotel and slept solidly for six hours.”
“The whole family would like to thank everyone who has supported the GoFundMe campaign and made this trip a reality for Corinne. For myself, I would like to say to those who donated that no matter how much you gave it would not have happened without you. Take any one of those kind and generous people out and the trip wouldn’t have happened.
“It has been a truly challenging and wonderful experience which has inspired me to now consider making ‘Corinne’s Wish’ a formal charity that will help others. It’s very early days but I would love to help other people and do it all again, if I possibly can.” said the Corinne Barber’s brother, Darren Barber, who set up the GoFundMe fundraising Page for Corinne Barber

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