A MIRACLE? Jesus Christ appears in a snap-shot with a Catholic priest

By November 27, 2016 Articles

The face of Jesus Christ has appeared in a photograph of a priest performing the novena in Argentina.
During the Catholic ceremony in the town of Caucete, not far from the Chilean border, a man named Favio Garay took a photo and shared it on the internet, where it then went viral.
The image shows a priest either sitting or standing behind a table addressing the crowd of worshipers from a microphone. To the right of him stands a religious statue and to the left appears to be an image of Christ’s face.

Image of Jesus on wall

Several skeptics took to the comments to claim the reflection was caused by random shadows, but the believers held to their faith, stating it was a miracle.
“This is it, friends, we need to share what’s good. It’s worth it!” commented Lili Peralta on social media.
“Beautiful photo. I’ll share it. It fills me with happiness,” added Maria Vega.
We are living deep within a time full of war, hate and tragedy. People are turning against their fellow brothers and sisters over trivial things, and many are forgetting about the bigger plan He has in store for us.
It is important to keep the faith alive. Whether Our Savior really did make an appearance in this image or not, it warms our hearts and reminds us all that Jesus is still here and we are not forgotten.

By Abigail James


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