A photographer captured what looks like Christ the Redeemer appearing in the clouds


The photographer Erick Pech captured this stunning picture of what looks like Christ the Redeemer appearing in the clouds.

I am the last to jump to conclusions concerning matters like this. However, this looks pretty much like a miracle. It is rare for the clouds to take such forms with this level of accuracy. It could be a miracle or not. The important takeaway is it reminds us of Jesus, and quite frankly, anything that raises our hearts to heaven is good.

Here’s the original post he made on Facebook:

Soy fanático de los atardeceres y cada que veo la posibilidad de sacar una buena toma hago todo lo posible para hacerla. Así que les comparto esta belleza  no sé si se trata de alguna señal, pero la toma habla por si sola
 :Foto tomada en Yaxcabá 7:58 pm

In English:

I’m a fan of sunsets and every time I see the possibility of taking a good shot I do my best to do it. So I share this beauty with you  I don’t know if it’s any sign, but the shot speaks for itself.
: Photo taken at Yaxcabá 7:58 pm
The post went viral and even caught the eye of local media El Surete Notícias
Here’s the Image

Raphael Benedict

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