A short and simple devotion for every Friday of Lent

The “Seven Fridays” devotion recalls Jesus passion on each Friday of Lent.

Over the centuries the Church has developed numerous devotions that anyone can engage in during Lent. Besides the more popular Stations of the Cross, one short and simple devotion was promoted by various popes over the years.

It is found in the Raccolta, a collection of approved devotions published in the 19th century. There is a brief description of this devotion focused on the Fridays of Lent, though it can be used any time throughout the year.

[Pope Pius VII encouraged] all the faithful … on the seven Fridays in Lent (on which days we specially call to mind the Passion and Death of our divine Lord Jesus Christ)…[to meditate on] a collection of affectionate colloquies for each of the seven Fridays, addressed to Jesus in His Passion, calling to the mind all He suffered for love of us, from His agony in the garden of Gethsemane to His death on Mount Calvary. 

[Those] who have not in their possession [a book of meditations], may supply the want of it by visiting any church or public oratory on any one of the aforesaid Fridays, and praying for the intention of the Pope, and devoutly reciting seven Our Fathers, seven Hail Marys, and seven Glory Bebefore any image or picture of Jesus crucified, in memory of all that He suffered for our redemption.

Seven is the biblical number of “perfection,” and so it is fitting to meditate on these seven Fridays on the perfect love God has for us, as revealed in Jesus’ Passion.

This devotion is very simple and can be done anywhere, not restricted to the church building. It is a way that we can pause for a few minutes to recall Jesus’ Passion and death, dwelling on the perfection of his love.

If you are looking for something quick and easy to do, try the Seven Fridays devotion!

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