A story of miraculous salvation from Mary’s intercession

A story of miraculous salvation from Mary’s intercession. This is from the book “Glories of Mary” by St Alphonsus Liguori:

Sister Catherine of St. Augustine told me this story. Margaret began to sin as a young woman and continued all her life. She was driven out of the city and died in a secluded cave without the sacraments.

Sister Catherine (who prayed for the dead) thought she was damned and did not even intercede. Four years later, the suffering woman appeared to her and took her to task for not praying for her.

“I am poor Margaret who died in the cave. At the hour of my death, I invoked the Mother of God saying, “Lady, you are the refuge of abandoned creatures. Now I am abandoned by all and you are my only hope. Have pity on me.”

The Virgin gained for me the grace of an act of contrition. I died and am saved. She also shortened my purgatory. I seek now only to have a few Masses said.” Catherine had the Masses said and in a few days the soul
appeared shining like the sun,

“Thank you. I go to heaven to praise God and pray for you.”


My Lady of Mercy, I present myself as a wounded beggar before a great queen. Cast your eyes upon me. Do not abandon me until you have changed me from a sinner into a saint. I know you are already my Queen but I dedicate myself even more to your service using St. Bonaventure’s words. “Govern me, Oh Queen, and do not allow me to govern myself. Command me. Use me. Punish me when I do not obey. Take charge of my salvation. From
this day forward, no one will love and honor you more. This I promise. Amen.”

A story of miraculous salvation from Mary’s intercession

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