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A Virgin Mary’s Statue in California weeping Miraculous tears


A Statue of the Virgin Mary in Fresno California is reported to be seen weeping a miraculous tears. The Statue is said to be owned by the family of Maria Cardenas, a catholic woman residing in Fresno California. Cardenas told local news station ABC30 Action News that the Statue is a 10 years old Mother’s Day gift to her.

The family ABC30 Action News that the tears have been coming and going for more than a year and half now. According to Joe Ybarra, a correspondent of ABC30 Action News and an eye witness of the weeping Statue confirmed the miraculous occurrence saying that the tears flow much from Mary’s right eye, he explained that Cardenas placed a glass under Mary’s face to collect the tears dropping from Mary’s eyes. Cardenas shares the tears to all those who want to see in her neighborhood.

The family are not yet announcing their exact address in Fresno, California, but have and are still welcoming lot of people into their home to to see the weeping statue for themselves. These have included several Catholic Priest in California.

“We’re not hiding her, but at the same time, we don’t want anything to happen to her,” a caretaker of the statue, who chose to remain anonymous, told ABC30.
The news crew stayed to see the statue weep, and reported that the tears were oily, smelled like roses, and were welling up continuously.


Bishop Armando Ochoa of the Diocese of Fresno when questioned of the validity of the miracle have confirmed in a statement that he is wasn’t earlier informed of the miracle in the Family at Fresno until now that it’s publicized.

“It is unknown who the priests are that were being referenced in a related televised news story, as the Diocese has not had any member of the clergy report this matter to Bishop’s Office, to date,” Bishop Ochoa said.

The family will be contacted by the diocese in a private manner in order to offer pastoral guidance regarding the phenomenon, he added.


Raphael Benedict

Raphael Benedict is a Catholic who wants nothing but to spread the catholic faith to reach the ends of the world. Make this possible by always sharing any article or prayers posted on your social media platforms. Remain blessed


  1. How much our mother have to cry for us, we are her kids that do not do what she is asking .
    How many of us will be broken-hearted seeing our mother crying like that every day, for months, please brothers and sisters we need to pray the rosary pray with our hearts and repent and do penitence for the ones don’t believe. How many of our friends and family still do not change and repent. We need to start at home.

  2. I do believe. Mary sees people turn away from God her son and don’t open their hearts for the love and forgivessness he gives. We need to pray the rosary daily. That’s what she wants. She wants us to become saintly people . Children of God and for her to be our Mother in Heaven

  3. I believe! I believe it is happening for great reasons; one of which is the way the world is today. Many people are just too busy with material world and forgot about how we collectively connect to what God plans for the world… we are grateful Mary our Mother is revealing to us what we should do. Thank you Maria Inenapen Kot, Senani kich noum aramas tipis…

  4. This is happening in India,Korea, yogoslavia and many other countries.It is an expression of sorrow and despair by our blessed mother at the way the world is becoming selfish and sinful and ungrateful too.

  5. I believe that our Blessed Mother Mary is truly weeping for our sins and wandering away from the love of Her son Jesus. And now how can she not be weeping for the murdering of the unborn children that our country leaders have supported. What mother doesn’t cry at the loss of a child. We must not be silent regarding these innocent lives. Mary is calling on us to pray for the lives of those who cannot fight for themselves. Please pray the Rosary every day for all of God’s children, ourselves included, to come into the light and out of the darkness of Satan and his wickedness.

    1. This isn’t hard to believe. Why would this be an exception, as many statues of Her are weeping? As we can’t see the depth of the pain that we cause Her and Heaven, we ought to be very careful in dismissing this phenomenon, and the visible message it’s meant to convey. Thank you Mary.

  6. This is not the very first time the Blessed Virgin Mary is crying ?..it happened all over the world..and I truly believe it… not hoax..
    Praying ? and hoping that it’s not a bad omen and disaster coming to California..:(
    God forbid.. we need to pray harder!!!?????

  7. I am catholic believer ,and i believe everything just said not the negative comments,Please Holy
    Mary mother of God pray for us and the whole world Amen

    1. Amen, I believe that mother is weeping for the world sins. We are to repent of our sins and pray for peace for the world. Also pray for non believers to come to the knowledge of God. I am a Catholic and our Lady want us to pray the Rosary daily, it can heal our broken hearts and body. We must go to must frequently. Mother Mary pray for us. Amen

  8. If this is True they should donate it to their local church so everyone can worship the fact that they dont leads me to believe this isnt so true

  9. Thank you for taking the time to read and expressing such an interest in learning about the Holy Spirit, and of course leaving feedback on a Catholic page. The crucifix does not consist of two parallel lines; and just because we cannot visibly see air, we still breathe it, it still exists, and it is still a necessity to life. You brought up possession, how about witnessing a live exorcism then coming back to tell us about it.
    We wish you many blessings.
    Thank you.

  10. I am a believer because Mother had done several Miracles for me. I used to have migraine head ache, ucer, and arthritis for more than 10 yrs and was cured when I prayed the Rosary. While Jesus & Mother cured me, I had felt every things was happening through my body. And Mother had appeared for me several years ago. I know some I f you may say I am full of craps, but the truth is the truth and I dont gain any thing by lying. God Bless to you all believer.
    Hung Nguyen

  11. I believe the statue of Mother Mary is crying because of the sin and violence on this earth!!! It’s too much that’s why she is crying.

    1. I believe in the visable and invisable our lady is sad at what is taken place in the world look at what happened yesterday in California she so wants people to pray more .

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