A WARNING? The several Sightings of the Virgin Mary spike around the globe, could be related to Fatima

Recently, a large number of miraculous sightings have been reported. The sightings range from unusual and unnatural cloud formations, to weeping statues of the Virgin Mary and more. Is this a sign that something great is about to happen? Are we prepared for the moment, if it should come soon?
Supernatural appear to be on the rise around the globe. Either millions of people are experiencing hallucinations, or a century after Fatima something is about to happen.
The sightings are varied and have occurred around the world. Accounts of weeping statues in
Mexico and South America are remarkably similar.
Clouds that show the Virgin Mary, the hand of God, and angels have been reported in the past month and were witnessed by millions.

It is possible these are all acts of nature, or that millions of people are experiencing a mass hallucination, but it seems very unlikely. Instead, these could be signs in the sky predicted by St. Luke in his Gospel. “There will be signs in the sun, moon and the stars, and on Earth nations will be in dismay, perplexed by the roaring of the sea and the waves,” (Luke 21:25).

Several people noticed the cloud and took pictures of the miraculous sight.


The cloud persisted for some time, giving people time to look upon it and reflect.

In the skies above Earth, astronomers have seen a green comet and several near misses by asteroids, some unseen despite all the equipment and technology we have. Governments around the world appear to be in turmoil. Even here in the United States, the election of Donald Trump has stunned millions of Americans and millions more have taken to the streets in protest. Unrest bubbles below the surface. War looms with Iran and North Korea.
Is God sending His promised warning to us?

A picture of the weeping statue of the Virgin Mary. Parishioners say she is weeping blood.

In 1917, the Virgin Mary appeared six times to the children at Fatima. On October 13, the Miracle of the Sun was witnessed. Will we see something similar on the anniversary of the event?

Nobody can say for certain what is happening. It seems too coincidental to be a mass hallucination or chance. Now it’s good time to prepare ourselves and to revisit the message of Fatima.

We must pray for the conversion of hearts. First, the conversion of our own that we may be better disciples of the Church and Jesus Christ. Second for the conversion of those about us, and for the conversion of the world at large.
We must take up a devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
We must frequently pray the Rosary, partake of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, attend Mass and receive communion. We must strive to live without sin.

Worshipers worry that the weeping image is a sign of a catastrophe to come.

If we do these things, it will make little difference if the end it at hand, or if it will come centuries from now, because we will be ready to meet God no matter what. So let us pray and prepare just in case these are the end times. Let us pray that God stays His almighty hand, and that the world comes to realize that the only way to achieve lasting peace is though the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Lady of Fatima (Joseph Ferrara Our Lady of Fatima in LA Archdiocese/Flickr).

We pray for Pope Francis, the Holy Mother Church, and all her believers and even the unbelievers. May all hearts be converted before it’s too late. Let us warn one another, share the message of Fatima, and pray, pray, pray.

By Marshall Connolly

By Raphael Benedict

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