Can angels be male or female?

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Could you please answer the question for me whether angels can be he or she? I thought they were neither.


You are correct. Angels are pure intellects that do not have physical forms and do not reproduce sexually. Indeed, angels do not reproduce at all; God created each of them out of nothing at the dawn of creation. They are numerous, immaterial, and immortal, so they don’t need to reproduce.
Sexual reproduction is something God designed many earthly creatures to do. Others he designed to reproduce asexually (for example, by mitosis). But since he designed angels not to reproduce, he didn’t design them to be male or female.
Angels may appear to have gender in visions or in artwork, but that is just symbolism that makes it easier for us to think about them. If we were being strictly literal they couldn’t be seen in visions or depicted in artwork because, according to their immaterial nature, they have no visible or physical forms at all.


  • Yes I agree that angels are spirits. But they are not like the wind. They are living spirits with bodily forms as been described in the Bible. I do not agree too that they cannot reproduce. They are forbidden to “mingle” or to have sex with human beings but it doesn’t mean that they cannot reproduce. It is written in the Bible that some angels were tempted to see the beautiful daughters of mankind so they decided to disobey the heavenly decree by marrying mortal women and thus they begot children the ancients called Nephilim ( who were the giants and famous heroes of ancient times). From this context an angel could be a man. But a passage in the Bible tells us that Adam is made in the likeness of God and that he created him both male and female. Hence, Adam is an hermaphrodite. In a realistic way of saying it, Adam masturbated and had sex with himself thus he was impregnated and begot Eve. But because most of his physique is that of a male God came in as a doctor and done him a caesarian operation. This shocking findings had been revealed in a certain book by biblical scholars which had the papal imprimatur on it. From this fact, we could say that angels are neither male or female for they are both — that is, they are hermaphrodites.

  • Chris says:

    I think there is a mention in revelations where the physical structure of a seraphim and a cherub is explained.

  • Mick Burke says:

    What planet are you living on young man? if you can’t leave a serious reply then I suggest you look at other subjects on face book that you can reply to and leave Theological matters to the grown ups. How sad!

  • Micheal says:

    I am just confused about Christianity and other religion paganism since to be the best, when i come here to build my faith and learn you end up confusing me the more.

  • Jenn Ty says:

    If angels neither male or female, why are they named after a male’s name such Rafael, Michael…the archangels? And if they don’t have physical form in what form do the angel came to be telling Mary she’s going to conceive the son of God?

  • johnny mafumu says:

    they attain any form according to the purpose God wants any of ’em to accomplish

  • Patrick says:

    If you look st the account of Lot, Abraham’s nephew, he meet the angels when he went to Sodom. He invited them in to his place and dined with him and his family. If they’re able to attain physical form, they’re more likely be capable of having physical traits as well such as sexual organs.

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