The Holy Father organized a Free Circus Show for the Poor

The office of the Papal Almoner through the consent of the Pope has approved a Circus Show for homeless people, the poor, refugees and some prisoners.
It was announced by the Papal Almoner that the Rony Roller Circus in Rome on Thursday made an arrangement for 2000 seats for the Pope’s request for the poor.  Doctors and nurses from the Vatican’s health clinic were stationed on a mobile unit at the venue of the show, to attend to the poor.
“This gift offered by the circus performers could also be an encouragement for our poorer brothers and sisters to overcome the hardships and difficulties in life that often times seem too great and insurmountable” The papal almoner said

Raphael Benedict

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  1. Pope Francis providing natures very own “chill pill” called laughter to treat and heal the children of God. Laughter overpowers sadness and despair. It is not possible to Laugh and remember your sorrows at the same time. A wise antidote prescribed and delivered by a wise man. May God be praised.

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