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Blood of Jesus, inebriate me!

O Jesus, my Beloved Saviour,

ever present in the Tabernacle,

to be the strength,

the joy and the food of souls,

I come to consecrate myself to Thy Precious Blood,

and to pledge Thee my sincere love and fidelity.

Pierced with sorrow at the remembrance of Thy sufferings,

the contemplation of the Cross,

and the thought of the outrages

and contempt lavished by ungrateful souls

upon Thy dear Blood,

I long, O my Jesus,

to bring joy to Thy Heart,

and to make Thee forget my sins,

and those of the whole world,

by consecrating my body and soul to Thy service.

I desire, my Jesus, to live henceforth,

only by Thy Blood and for Thy Blood.

I now choose It as my greatest treasure

and the dearest object of my love.


O merciful Redeemer,

deign to regard me as a perpetual adorer

of Thy Most Precious Blood,

and be pleased to accept my prayers,

my deeds and my sacrifices,

as so many acts of reparation and love.


Heavenly Wine,

giver of purity and strength,

pour down upon my soul.

Make of my heart a living chalice

from which grace shall constantly flow

on those that love Thee,

and especially on poor sinners that offend Thee.

Teach me to honour Thee

and to make Thee honoured by others.

Give me power to draw to Thee cold and hardened hearts,

that they may feel how infinitely

Thy consolations surpass those of the world.


O Blood of my Crucified Saviour,

detach me from the world,

and the spirit of the world.

Make me love suffering and sacrifice,

after the example of St. Catherine of Sienna,

who loved Thee so much

[and whom I choose again today as my special patroness].


O Precious Blood,

be my strength amid the trials and struggles of exile.

Grant that at the hour of death

I may be able to bless Thee

for having been the comfort

and the sanctification of my soul,

before becoming, in Heaven,

the everlasting object of my love and praise.


Saints of God,

who owe thy happiness to the Blood of Jesus;

Angelic spirits,

who sing Its glory and power,

august Virgin,

who to It owest the privileges

of thine Immaculate Conception

and Divine Maternity,

help me to pay to the Precious Blood of my Redeemer

a perpetual homage of adoration,

reparation and thanksgiving.



Raphael Benedict

Raphael Benedict is a Catholic who wants nothing but to spread the catholic faith to reach the ends of the world. Make this possible by always sharing any article or prayers posted on your social media platforms. Remain blessed

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  1. This is such a powerful prayer. Not to taken lightly. When( if) you make this prayer be prepared for the many changes that will happen in your life and the awareness it will cause you to see in others.

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