Adolf Hitler claimed to be a Christian, but would it be wrong to say he most certainly was not a Christian?

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Adolf Hitler claimed to be a Christian, but would it be wrong to say he most certainly was not a Christian?


So far as we know, Adolf Hitler was validly baptized in the Catholic Church. That means he was a Catholic. Baptism is, literally, a new birth that makes the person a Christian in his very being, no matter how well or how poorly he lives out his faith. Just as physical conception means that a person will always be a human person with inherent human dignity, no matter how detestable the crimes he may choose to commit, so a baptized person, no matter how evil he becomes, remains a Christian. In Hitler’s case though, and in the cases of those Christians who also entirely abandon the faith into which they were baptized, it can be said that they no longer believe in Christianity and that their theological beliefs cannot be considered Christian. If they completely abandon their Christian faith, then they are apostates (cf. CCC 2089), though objectively they remain among the baptized.


  • most of the top Nazis were from Austria and catholics,while it is true he did not follow the father in heaven and his laws,he still is loved by the father in heaven,just the same,as the father in heaven wishes we were like the saints.we are still his children.all of us.

  • b bennett says:

    Edgar, you n*** loving prick! I assure you hitler is not loved by God! His rotting excuse of a being is truly in Hell. Where he belongs.

  • M says:

    being a catholic DOES NOT MAKE YOU A CHRISTIAN….look at all the pedophiles out there ………. Jesus is the only person to make you a Christian…no religion, nothing!

  • colleen porter says:

    Well he sure didn’t follow the ten commandments!

  • He might have been ba timed into the Catholic church but the mental and evil side took over his way of thought.how could anyone be called a Christian whe he ordered the mass murder of women children men and the innocent lives of the phiciscaly and mentally impaired.no hilter was an anti-Christ.

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