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Afraid of going to confession? Pray this prayer for courage


Ask God to bring light into the darkness and help you run to the sacrament of his mercy.

Going to the sacrament of confession isn’t always easy. Often embarrassment or shame over our sins will prevent us from going to a priest to ask for God’s mercy. However, confession is good for the soul and can help lift many burdens we are carrying, giving us new life.

One way to prepare for that sacrament is to ask God for strength, courage and enlightenment. Sometimes we don’t go to confession because we can’t “think” of any sins. In reality, we sin every day, but we aren’t always observant enough to recognize our many failings.

Here is a prayer adapted from the Golden Manual that places all of these needs before God and is a prefect preparation for confession.

O most merciful God, enlighten me, for you know all my ways and observe all my footsteps. Come, true light, and dispel the darkness of my heart, that I may see what in me is displeasing to you, and that with a contrite heart I may be sorry for my sins, rightly confess them, and amend my life. Send forth your light into my soul, and show to me all those sins which I ought to confess at this time.

Assist me by your grace, and grant me courage and strength, that I may be able to declare them to the priest, fully, humbly, and with a contrite heart, and so obtain perfect remission of my sins through your infinite goodness. Amen.


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