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A beautiful prayer for after receiving absolution from the priest.


The sacrament of confession is a beautiful extension of God’s infinite mercy. It is that great gift to humanity that restores our relationship with the Heavenly Father.However, sometimes we don’t always feel the profound action of our sins being wiped away. We may immediately say our penance and leave the Church without acknowledging what just happened in the confessional.


One way to help our souls enter into the reality of what took place is to pray a simple prayer after going to confession. It could be a short “thank you” to God for the gift he just bestowed upon you, or maybe a longer dialogue of thanksgiving. Whatever we do, it is important to imagine the weight of our sins being lifted away by the Good Shepherd.


Here is one ancient prayer passed down in the traditions of the Church that envisions this action of God as chains falling off, giving us the freedom that our hearts desire.


O merciful God, as at the words of thy angel St. Peter was immediately

restored to liberty by the chains falling off from his feet, so grant, dear

Lord, that by the words of this holy sacrament, pronounced by the

priest, the chains of my sins may be loosed, and all my offenses be




Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me! O God, be merciful to me a

sinner! O Thou who sufferedst for me, have mercy on me! Sprinkle me

with thy blood, O Jesus, and I shall be made whiter than snow.

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