An accomplice to the 2011 Bombing of a Catholic Church by islamic extremist arrested in Nigeria

The dreadful bomb explosion that claimed the lives of over Seventy catholics present at a Christmas mass of 2011 is one of the early great hits of the Islamic terrorist group (Boko Haram) of Nigeria, when they sent a suicide bomber to St Theresa’s Catholic Church in Niger state with bags of bomb stuck inside a vehicle. The blast brought an usual sorrow to Nigerian Catholics in 2011. Over 200 people were greatly injured.
After the blast suspect were caught and executed by the federal government of Nigeria. But most of the the suspects caught and executed were mainly known members of the Islamic extremist group. But few days ago, a key accomplice, Mr. Victor Moses, a christian who fed information and grids to that attack was apprehended by a Nigerian civilian self-defense fighter says his group “arrested the Christian suspect who confessed to providing intelligence to Boko Haram extremists in the 2011 Christmas Day bombing of the St. Theresa’s Catholic church” said Self-defense fighter, Sani Musawa
Musawa said Moses was often seen loitering around a mosque in northeastern Bauchi town of Nigeria. He said Moses claimed he wanted to convert to Islam. Mr. Victor Moses could be the first known Christian arrested for belonging to Nigeria’s home-grown Islamic extremist group. He was turned to the military last Wednesday.

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