Anglicans donate collection money to Catholic cathedral after burglary

After a break-in at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, Anglicans donate almost £1,000 in show of support

Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral has shown solidarity with Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, by donating money from its collection boxes to its Catholic neighbour following a break-in on October 6.
Representatives from the Catholic cathedral said they were “overwhelmed” by the act of generosity after a significant amount of money had been stolen during the robbery.
A statement on the Metropolitan Cathedral’s Facebook page said: “We were overwhelmed this week to receive a very special donation from our close neighbours and friends Liverpool Cathedral. In response to our break-in, we were handed a cheque, which came from their own visitor donations. A moving gesture of friendship and solidarity.”
The break-in took place in the early hours of the morning on October 6. Cash was stolen from the Cathedral’s collection boxes and glass images were smashed beyond repair. The thieves are yet to be identified.
Speaking to Anglican Communion News Service, Dean Pete Wilcox from the Anglican cathedral, said: “Having suffered a very similar experience ourselves a few months ago, we were keen to show our solidarity.”
He added: “The idea came of sending them whatever was in our own visitor donations box at a particular point in time, which coincided broadly with their theft. So we sent a very precise amount, not a round number: £910.82. And our message was that the gift was an expression of solidarity, not charity.”
The two cathedrals have maintained a friendly relationship since Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral was built in 1967, working on projects together in the community.

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