Archbishop of Toronto urges Canadians to help defeat suicide proposals

Lead official in Archdiocese of Toronto, Cardinal Thomas Collins has called on the federal government to protect the vulnerable and the dying.
“Dying is simply not the same as being killed,” he said earlier this week in a video.
The Canadian Cardinal is strongly against the legalization of assisted suicide, even of children, he told Catholics that all persons have a moral right to choose freely what they will do with their lives and that plan of legalizing euthanasia should “shock us to the core”.
Cardinal Thomas Collins, the Archbishop of Toronto, said moves by the politicians, judges, and university ‘educated’ elites to set up a legal framework that will help pass the proposed euthanasia bill into law in Canada their conscience still dimly-burning represents not only an assault on the sanctity of life but also on religious liberty.
Through a video broadcast played in more than 200 parishes of his archdiocese on Sunday, he disapproved of the parliamentary committee’s recommendations that would force physicians to at least refer patients to another doctor willing to perform euthanasia.
He further urged the faithful to write to politicians asking them to help defeat suicide bills and “protect the vulnerable” as well as the rights of institutions and individuals whose moral obligation is to respect the dignity and relieve the suffering of their fellow human beings, to provide healthcare without “having to go against their own deeply held moral convictions.”
“Physicians across our country who have devoted their lives to healing patients will soon be asked to do the exact opposite,” the cardinal said in the video.
“They will not be asked to ease their suffering by providing them with treatment and loving care but by putting them to death.
Below is his video broadcast


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