Archbishop William Goh voices concerns over Madonna’s upcoming concert in Singapore

Singapore’s Archbishop has voiced grave concerns over pop diva Madonna’s concert this Sunday in Singapore. He reminded Catholics that it was their “moral obligation not to support those who denigrate and insult religions, including anti-Christian and immoral values promoted by the secular world.”
The American pop star is due to perform in Singapore on Sunday Feb. 28 as part of her “Rebel Heart” tour and Archbishop William Goh says the concert is “causing a stir” among Catholics and other Christians.
Church officials had cited concerns about the singer’s “consistent and blatant” use of Catholic symbols and lyrics in her performances.  In one her most recent tours, strippers who were under-dressed wore nuns’ habit dancing on cross-shaped stripper poles.
In a statement released from the Archdiocesan Communications Office, Archbishop Goh said attendance at Madonna concerts would show a misunderstanding of the faith.
“There is no neutrality in faith; one is either for or against. Being present (at these events) in itself is a counter witness. Obedience to God and His commandments must come before the arts.”
Criticizing Madonna’s concert, Archbishop Goh told Catholics that “as the people of God, we should subscribe to authentic Arts that lead us to God… and not support the ‘pseudo arts’ that promote sensuality, rebellion, disrespect, pornography, contamination of the mind of the young, abusive freedom, individualism at the expense of the common good, vulgarity, lies and half-truths.”
For church members who have already bought their tickets, the Church urged them to “act according to their informed conscience”.

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