Are Catholic feasts pagan in origin?

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Some folks say the Catholic calendar and its feasts are pagan in origin. They say the only feast days we should celebrate are those given in Scripture.


Yes, there are sects which hold such a position, but none of them can present a convincing case for criticizing the calendar or the feast days we have.
To call our calendar pagan is incorrect. Its framework, with its months, weeks, and days, is more accurately termed secular. It existed among the Romans and was reformed under Julius Caesar. The Julian calendar was reformed under Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 and renamed the Gregorian calendar. The world uses it today.
The Church instituted feasts commemorating Christian persons and events and placed the feasts in the framework which the Romans had previously constructed. This framework should not be considered any more pagan than the roads, bridges, and ships built by the Romans and used by the apostles and the Church. If any sect thinks reverting to the Jewish calendar is somehow better and not pagan, it doesn’t know the facts. The Jewish calendar is derived from the Babylonian calendar, and you can’t get more “pagan” than that.

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  1. Incomplete answer. Christmas and Easter have origins in pagan festivals that were over ridden and given Christian meaning for those calendar times.

  2. Well God has a way of doing His things, even if most of Catholics feast fell in pagan feast day there is a reason for that, while does Jesus chose to die when the Jews were preparing for passover feast and why must the holy spirit comes upon the apostles on the of Pentecost when people came from different part of the world? Just because God wants all all that belongs to Him which out of ignorant we have been given gods come back to Him so as you can see ,since after the resurrection of Christ and the Pentecost God had claim back what belongs Him because those feast are no longer in honour of any gods rather all to the glory of God Himself. Don’t forget that the our wiseness is the foolishness of God if at all He has any foolishness in Him.

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Written by Raphael Benedict

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