Are children of an annulled marriage considered illegitimate?

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Are children of an annulled marriage considered illegitimate?


In his book Annulments and the Catholic Church, canon lawyer Edward Peters explains:

The granting of an annulment does nothing to affect the legitimacy of children. That status, to the scant degree it has any canonical significance, is determined prior to the time any questions of annulment are raised (117–19).


  • rhonda pfeffer says:

    That’s not an answer

  • T. Sutton says:

    “Illegitimate” is just a word and has not religious, political, educational, social, etc repercussions what so ever. This is what is wrong with (ALL) religions today. Everyone nit picking the minutia that have nothing what so ever to do with salvation. So a child doesn’t have a father who is married to he mother. Who gives a crap?

  • Katherine Weaver says:

    I had the same questions when I applied for an annulment. It held me back for a long time worried my children would be illegitimate in the eyes of the church. The priest explained it had nothing to do with that. The annulment simply put was the church saying it made a mistake in sanctioning the marriage. Hope that helps. It did me.

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