Are prayers wasted on people who are already saved or damned?

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What happens to prayers that are offered on behalf of deceased who, unbeknownst to the one who prays, are already in heaven or hell? Are those prayers wasted?


They are not wasted. Those in heaven don’t need our prayers, and those in hell are unable to profit by them. Only those who are undergoing purification prior to entering full union with God in heaven (1 Cor 3:12-15) can avail themselves of our prayers. When we pray for them we are asking God to mitigate their suffering. If the persons we pray for are not in purgatory and have already gone on to heaven, the Lord will apply our prayers to others in need of them.


  • Kathleen Campbell-Beaverson says:

    I had a miracle happen to me this past weekend. I attended a Catholic Women’s Conference with Bishop Frank, from the Diocese of Venice, Fl. During mass I received communion like I always do, I went back to my seat to pray after communion. With my eyes shut a picture of a long stemmed red rose with a ribbon appeared to me. It was Valentine’s Day. I thanked God for my Valentine rose. It was so beautiful. I went back home and told a spiritual friend of mine what happened and she said that it was Mary who gave it to me! I am so grateful to be a Catholic and pray the Hail Mary. The Blessed Mary ever virgin, I honor You and thank You. Words cannot express my joy from this gift. This will be with me forever.

  • Marv Ack says:

    Prayer is not bound by time or space. God is hearing all the prayers of all time, all the time. You can pray today for someone who died thousands of years ago.

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