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Are there sins that cannot be pardoned?



“but anyone who blasphemes the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven. This is a sin with eternal consequences.” Mark 3:29.



The above texts are words of Christ on this subject, showing that there are “Unpardonable sins”, which are sins against the Holy Spirit. Some time ago I asked a priest “Does this mean that God refuses to forgive this sin”?

The priest could not give a satisfactory conclusive reply, until one day after years of research and prayer, I stumbled upon an explanation.



God does not REFUSE forgiveness. Rather, when one sins against the Spirit of God, he CASTS GOD OUT of himself and SHUTS THE HEART TO HIS LIGHT. So that such a person is UNABLE TO ASK for mercy anymore. The “Unpardonable” does not mean God changes from “Forgiving Father” to an “Unforgiving Judge”, so that he turns his face from someone weeping and begging for mercy, NO !!!. He is Always FORGIVING. Even those who are in Hell cannot ask for pardon, that is why they cannot be forgiven.


The GRACE of remorse/contrition is very expensive gift of the Holy Spirit, given unto the sincerely repentant ones. I tell you, there are many Catholics today who have shut their hearts to God’s grace by continuous abuse of Sacraments for instance, and by obstinacy in several other sins; they personally kill the voice of their consciences by refusing God’s light/call to repentance so many times, that those sins become “Normal” and even “A way of life” to them.


For this grace is meant to rise our sensitivity to sin and make us weep for our sins, but for someone who is dead in sin, he cannot possibly weep or feel really sorry for his sin. He may even boast about his sins to his friends and feel like a “big Shot”.


This is what it means to commit an “Unpardonable” sin. Whenever such a sinner opens his heart to God’s light, he sees his sorry state, and confesses with all his heart, God Forgives him for sure, for he promised:


“Even if your sins be as red as scarlet, i shall make you as white as wool”.



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  • rosemarie b velecina says:

    Thank you for posting questions and answers pertaining to Catholic way of faith. It gives so much clarity on our basic Catholic practices and beliefs. I am enlightened and may others too.

  • Estrella says:

    Even though I asked God Father what I need. Before I end my prayer, I ask to the saints too, specially mother Mary and to the holy archangel to help pray for me because they are near God in heaven.

  • R. DeCarli says:

    I am sorry. Does that mean if you take Gods name in vain it is considered blasphemy? My priest always down plays that one in confession.
    Is he wrong? Will I go to hell for swearing? Worried.

    • Nigel Wallace says:

      Mr. DeCarli, there is a world of difference between swearing (f***** b*****etc.) and blaspheming (using the name of the Lord, our Blessed Mother or a saint) as an expletive. The former may be unacceptable when women and children are present but is not sinful per se, but the latter is definitely a matter of serious sin at all times and to be avoided at all times.

    • Sherry says:

      It’s in the 10 commandments not to use Thy Gods name in vain. Just give Him your heart filled appolgy to never ever do again an ask to be forgiven in Jesus name . He’s your Heavenly Father an loves you

  • Anne says:

    A wonderful answer to a common question. I think it’s great that you mentioned the unpardonable sin of committing blasphemy against the Holy spirit. I’m not certain everyone knows this. From your article, one can receive tremendous grace in truly understanding how perfectly forgiving our Father is to those who call out for his mercy. God bless.

  • jack says:

    Please if someone can reply.. I know a person who told his friend to cuss the holy spirit when they were like 12.. (I don’t know why) after years he still remembers it so he decided to confess to a priest so he confesses and told the priest that he made his friend cuss the holy spirit. The priest accepted his confession and told you sins have been forgiven.. but he is still paranoid till now.. (he told me the whole story to post it here) please if someone can help.. God bless

    • Lea Leger says:

      I think what you should do, u mesage the Catholic and Proud, for my personal view, your friend has forgiven as told by the priest. The priest has the authority to forgive sins, bind and loose.

      • Phyllis Boone says:

        That’s why I don’t believe in catholic doctoring.No man on earth can forgive your sin.Only the Lord can do that.

        • Patience says:

          Ever heard of the verse that says that, those whose sins you forgive, they are forgiven.. And this you retain, they are retained…..

      • Jan says:

        Only Jesus can forgive sin. No priest or any other human can do that. Please search the Bible.

        • Luz Cruzada says:

          It is the Gospel reading for today Pentecost Sunday. In John 20 : 19, Jesus gave the apostles the authority to forgive sins. This authority has been handed down from the apostles through the generation to present day priests of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Everything done in the Catholic Church is Apostolic w/c means directly from Jesus to the apostles to us.

        • Dave Helmkamp says:

          The Bible says that Jesus gave the power to forgive sins to his apostles when after he had a risen from the dead he breathed on them and said, “Who’s sends you forgive are forgiven and whose sins you retain they are retained.” Do you really believe that Jesus gave the apostles this power and that he did not intend for it to be passed down through the ages?

  • This is not what the church teaches these days…. at least not at our parish or others i visit…. i was baptized as a baby but raised with no faith….. i would go when grandma took me…. Easter 2014 i received confirmation and my first communion….. i am on the RCIA team at our parish…. i wish they would cover these issues more…. we are just taught oh God is all forgiving just ask and you will go to heaven…. though i feel God has forgiven me of my sins i do not think i will go to heaven…. i believe we could be better people if we embrace our old traditions like the weight of sin….

  • First of all, this was a 12 year old boy, not an adult. He wasn’t cussing or sinning against the Holy Spirit. I’m sure he was truly forgiven, since his priest in the confessional said he was forgiven. His Guilt and concern shows his repentance. He should not worry about it, and follow his faith.

  • Dolores Kern says:

    I have often heard
    it said that we are much harder on ourselves that our Heavenly Father is on us. He is much more forgiving of us than we are of ourselves.

  • maina says:

    thanks for the input, my situation is at times worse and I feel as if God has forfeited me but I will keep my heart open for Gods love. Be bleesed for the commentary

    • Catholic Say Staff says:

      God called us out of non-existence to existence. He poured his own love in us when we had nothing but nothingness. He saved us when we rebelled against him, dying on the cross and paying for our own crimes. He CANNOT abandon us.. not our sins, our troubles and failures can make God get tired of us and abandon us. NEVER FORGET..
      God bless you maina !

  • marco illescas says:

    Jesus said that becose He was casting devil with the powet of the Holy Spirit and the blassfemy was towards the Holy Spirit,,,,,, if it is the way you think i ask were is the Holy Spirit? We are Temple of the Holy Spirit that means the anybody that ofens me or does something wrong against me or anybody that is temple of the Holy Spirt you are blasmening against the Holy Spirit ,,,…I am very sorry but I tried to explain it as simple as posible…..He gave his life to dignified what had fallen,,,,,,, what had fallen for any sin comited,,,,,….i love u in Christ

  • Noel David says:

    Lets forget the sins that are unpardonable for now….. Let us focus on the normal/usual sins all of us people commit in our day to day life…. which most of us are unwilling to forgive and which even the bishops and priests are unwilling to forgive and when they do, they take ages to forgive people their sins…. There is not a single instance in the Gospels, where the Lord refused to forgive people their sins…. And over and above this, there is not a SINGLE instance where the Lord punished a single sinner for his/her sins…… Jesus forgives sinners instantly…. He forgave the very people who stripped HIM, whipped HIM, spat upon HIM and finally nailed HIM to the Cross, instantly….. One of the two criminals who were crucified alongside the Lord, was forgiven the moment he asked the Lord to remember him – and that very day he is promised Paradise by the Lord…. There is no delay in the Lord’s forgiveness and in His reward…. I cannot understand the fuss we (puny mortals Clergy and Faithful – with all the defects in us) make in forgiving our loved ones, our fellow brothers and sisters (or even our enemies) for every petty and major fault he/she commits against us (forget committing sins against the Holy Spirit which is beyond our understanding)…. When the Lord is instantaneous in forgiving our sins, why in Heaven’s name do we (Clergy and Faithful – sinful lot) take ages to forgive others instead of continuously hauling them up for their faults and failures and wanting them to pay for them….. Let us learn to forgive the forigivable sins instantly and then talk about the unforgivable sins…..

    • Lea says:

      Do u believe in God’s word? God is forgiving and merciful, even how many times you have sins, mortal or venial sins he still forgives if u ask forgiveness, but there is an exemption to the rule. Jesus said, but anyone who blasphemes the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven. and yes Jesus forgives instantly once u ask forgiveness as you have mention about one of the criminals next to him.

  • Stephanie says:

    Dear Jack, it seems that your friend needs to accept God’s forgiveness and forgive himself, too. Sometimes that is very difficult, especially after something has been on one’s conscience for a long time. That sin is no longer part of who he is. Tell him to trust God’s forgiveness and love. God bless you both.

  • Verlinda Bluestone says:

    But we are taught that the Lord forgives everything. .even murder if u r truly sorry. This says blasphemy. .but what is a good example of blasphemy. .i know saying*** Damnit is bad…but even that can be forgiven on confession I have heard if it was in the heat of the moment and just came out and not a habit…..why is the Catholic teachings all over on many issues?? Some say no and others yes to some questions. .i guess we don’t really know until we meet God face to face. ..

    • Lea Leger says:

      example of blasphemy, swearing against God. About swearing words an expressions thats not blasphemy. God knows our hearts and soul.

      • emily ward says:

        I know many people, some catholics too who use the words, Jesus, or Christ or God as an every day expression when they talk. I would not personally want to do this because I feel it is using the lords name in vain, though it is so common now that it sems to be done on most tv programes. It actually makes me feel uncomfortable, I don’t know why.

  • bernard says:

    its good u hv been covering most delicate issues of catholic that surely enlightens us.my faith is now strong n can now be able to answer most questions to our critics .thanks n continue God bless

  • Saidi M says:

    Thank to you, i am a much stronger and well informed Catholic because of reading your questions and answers on the faith.God bless.

  • Nneka Nwude says:

    Yes we have a loving and merciful God, there is no sin he will not forgive unless we didn’t repent truly. I’m a witness to his mercy

  • Poch says:

    Thank you

  • buddy says:

    WHat about divorce n remarry= the church says thats adultoru n a sin.
    But doesnt God forgive us n loves us to love again?

  • Fr Byrnes says:

    The sin which is unforgivable is that of final impenitence. Until the point of death a person is potentially able to turn back to God, it is only if a person goes to their death refusing outright the mercy of God. I know that the article was expressing that, it just didn’t seem entirely clear in some parts. Thankyou however for your reply.

  • james says:

    I have cursed God and called him names in anger can I be forgiven

  • Joseph B says:

    From catholicsay.com I have learnt many things pertaining to the faith, which are not taught in the church preachings in this specific way. This has in fact strengthened my Catholic faith and enabled me defend it in limited layman discussions with friends from other denominations. Thank you catholicsay!

  • Disk qudus says:

    I have cursed God and called him names in anger can I be forgiven

  • Johnkoye says:

    Hmmmmm. When you insult your mother, she still loves you, So does God. God can still forgive you. But please try not to do that again. May God bless us with his grace

  • Bob says:

    When someone says, “Being gay is better than the s..t u believe in…..he actually said that…is that a sin against Holy Spirit?.

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