Australian bishops: ‘Don’t mess with marriage’

The bishops of Australia have released “Don’t Mess with Marriage,” a pastoral letter on the same-sex marriage debate.

“It is unjust, gravely unjust, to legitimize the false assertion that there is nothing distinctive about a man and a woman, a father or a mother; to ignore the particular values that real marriage serves; to ignore the importance for children of having a mum and a dad, committed to them and to each other for the long haul,” said Archbishop Anthony Fisher of Sydney.

“If the civil law ceases to define marriage as traditionally understood, it will be a serious injustice and undermine that common good for which the civil law exists,” he continued. “Surely there are other ways of honoring the friendships of same-sex attracted and other people without further deconstructing marriage and the family.”

“A pear is not an apple,” Bishop Gregory O’Kelly of Port Pirie said in his own pastoral letter. “Same-sex marriage is not the same as a marriage between a man and a woman. The opinions of media personalities, or politicians, or a parliamentary vote can do what they wish, but no matter how much they say it, a pear remains a pear and does not change into an apple.”


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  1. Joshua Reply

    What if a person is divorce. Can he marry again ?

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