Autopsy results reaffirms former Vatican nuncio succumbed to natural causes

An autopsy has revealed that the deceased Polish Archbishop,Monsignor Józef Wesolowski,who was awaiting trial shortly before he passed away for the sexual abuse of minors and possession of child pornography which occurred  in his Dominican residence succumbed to natural causes – a heart attack.
The 67-year-old former Vatican nuncio, died of a deadly cardiac arrest, specifically, “acute myocardial infarction”. Many speculated about a suicide attempt.
Fr. Ciro Benedettini, CP, the vice-Director of the Press Office of the Vatican, issued a statement to journalists explaining that preliminary results of the autopsy performed on the former Nuncio, Jozef Wesolowski, confirm he succumbed to natural causes – specifically a deadly cardiac episode.
The trial had actually been suspended because Jozef Wesolowski was recovering in a health clinic following a “serious drop in blood pressure.” He had been sent to an intensive care unit in a general hospital in Rome after experiencing a sudden illness just the day before the trial opening.
The Vatican had appointed  a new forensics team to conduct a fresh investigation following internationally recognized procedures to determine the real cause of his death even after it had been confirmed he had died of a cardiac arrest. Coroners concluded their reports on Dec.14 , and handed in the test results to the Vatican City. The result “definitively confirmed” the initial postmortem exam that “the death was caused by a natural event” of cardiac arrest.
The Holy Father has drawn a hard line on child abuse by the priesthood, calling it “a horrendous, disgusting act” and said that “any priest who does this betrays the Body of Christ, as that priest’s duty is to bring this child on the path of holiness, but instead he abuses them… and leaves them with an issue that will last all their life.”

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