Beautiful Quotes on the Virgin Mary From Martin Luther Uncovered. Unbelievable!

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Martin Luther know as the leader of the Protestant Reformation. He rose against many Catholic Church’s teachings and doctrine, he regarded them as excesses and corrupt. Despite his rebellion against the Church he still maintained his love and devotional manner for the Virgin Mary. Below are his quotes about the Virgin Mary:

1) Mary has no equal among creation

“She became the Mother of God, in which work so many and such great good things are bestowed on her as pass man’s understanding. For on this there follows all honor, all blessedness, and her unique place in the whole of mankind, among which she has no equal, namely, that she had a child by the Father in heaven, and such a Child….

“Hence men have crowded all her glory into a single word, calling her the Mother of God…. None can say of her nor announce to her greater things, even though he had as many tongues as the earth possesses flowers and blades of grass: the sky, stars; and the sea, grains of sand. It needs to be pondered in the heart what it means to be the Mother of God.” (source)

2) Mary was without sin

“God has formed the soul and body of the Virgin Mary full of the Holy Spirit, so that she is without all sins, for she has conceived and borne the Lord Jesus.” (source)

3) Mary was a perpetual virgin

“Christ, our Savior, was the real and natural fruit of Mary’s virginal womb… This was without the cooperation of a man, and she remained a virgin after that. […] Christ… was the only Son of Mary, and the Virgin Mary bore no children besides Him.” (source; for more see this article)

4) On the veneration of Mary

“The veneration of Mary is inscribed in the very depths of the human heart.” (source)

5) Mary is the mother of all Christians

“Mary is the Mother of Jesus and the Mother of all of us even though it was Christ alone who reposed on her knees… If he is ours, we ought to be in his situation; there where he is, we ought also to be and all that he has ought to be ours, and his mother is also our mother.” (source)

6) You can never honor Mary enough

“[Mary is the] highest woman and the noblest gem in Christianity after Christ… She is nobility, wisdom, and holiness personified. We can never honor her enough. Still honor and praise must be given to her in such a way as to injure neither Christ nor the Scriptures.” (source)


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  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    Number 2 is particularly interesting. Martin Luther declared that Mary was born in sin, and the Holy Ghost washed her clean so she didn’t pass that sin on to Jesus.
    The Catholic Church as I understand it, did not consider this to be an issue until the 1800s when it was discovered that women provide half the genetic material, and thus Mary would have passed on original sin to Jesus, as Martin Luther agrees. ML says the spirit washed her clean, raising the question of why that can’t be done for all of us. The Church took a different path and declared in 1854 that Mary was conceived without original sin, which contradicts ML. Odd, that a quote disagreeing with the Church would be included in the list.
    Martin Luther: “Mother Mary, like us, was born in sin of sinful parents, but the Holy Spirit covered her, sanctified and purified her so that this child was born of flesh and blood, but not with sinful flesh and blood. The Holy Spirit permitted the Virgin Mary to remain a true, natural human being of flesh and blood, just as we. However, he warded off sin from her flesh and blood so that she became the mother of a pure child, not poisoned by sin as we are. For in that moment when she conceived, she was a holy mother filled with the Holy Spirit and her fruit is a holy pure fruit, at once God and truly man, in one person.”[17] Luther, Martin (1996). John Nicholas Lenker, ed. Sermons of Martin Luther. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House.
    We have two cases, however, one of ML and one of the Church, both indicating that it is within the power of their respective gods to remove, or prevent original sin with a wink and a nod. The rigmarole of impregnating a young maiden without her consent, in order to be born as himself so he could sacrifice himself to himself so as to remove from us a condition he removes from Mary with a wink and a nod, seems like a rather inefficient way of getting things done. I guess when you think about it, they say he’s all-powerful, all-good (can’t be both at the same time), but you seldom hear anyone refer to Yahweh-Jesus as “all-wise.”

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