Benedict XVI will be among first at Vatican to get Covid vaccine

Archbishop Georg Gänswein and rest of Mater Ecclesiae community will also get it.

According to CNA Deutsch, Catholic News Agency’s German-language news partner, Benedict XVI will be among the first at the Vatican to get the Covid vaccine.

Archbishop Georg Gänswein, the personal secretary of the 93-year-old Pope Emeritus, told the agency that Benedict would get it as soon as it’s available.

For his part, Pope Francis said in an interview that aired Sunday he has already “signed up” for the vaccine as well. Pope Francis is 84 and is missing part of one lung from a health crisis as a young man.

It’s not been announced exactly when the Vatican will begin administering the vaccine, though it should be any day now. Original reports spoke of “mid January.”

The leaders of the Vatican’s health department already reported that the necessary refrigerator to keep the vaccine was purchased and installed, and the plans for administering the vaccines are set. Priority will go to Vatican health and security workers, the elderly, and others who are most in contact with the public.

As well as the Pope Emeritus, Archbishop Gänswein and the rest of the Mater Ecclesiae community where Benedict lives will be vaccinated. The Mater Ecclesiae monastery is cared for by consecrated women who provide for the needs of the Pope Emeritus and attend to the quarters.

Archbishop Gänswein is 64, and in September, he was hospitalized briefly with kidney problems.

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