Bishop expresses doubt about this alleged Eucharistic miracle in Argentina last Month

Eucharist allegedly develops blood clots. This could be a miracle or someone is playing a game, but the Church always finds the truth.

A couple of members of  St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Hurlingham, Buenos Aires, Argentina claimed a blood clot formed on hosts after Mass on Aug. 31.

According to the story, after the host fell on the floor while two men cleaned, the priest instructed them to put him in a glass of water and allow them to dissolve. This is in accordance with Church directives. The cleaners claimed the water turned pink and the hosts had formed blood clots.

Here’s the translated Facebook post:

Bishop expresses doubt about this alleged Eucharistic miracle in Argentina last Month
Host allegedly developing blood clots: Photo from Catolick CLICK, Facebook
#CatolickCLICK 🚨 | CATHOLIC ALERT 🚨 Eucharistic Miracle ′′ This miracle happened in the San Vincent de Paul parish, villa tesei. August 30th. Hostias had fallen to the ground, the 2 men who are responsible for cleaning the parish inform the priest, and he orders them to put it in a glass of water, until they dissolve. On the other day 31/8/2021. they are going to clean the parish again and open the temple and when they arrive to get the glass. they couldn’t believe what their eyes saw, the water looked something pink and at 15 hrs. became more spice with blood clot until 18 hrs. they were looking at the miracle x complete.
The priest took the miracle into custody of the bishop of Moron. The Lord lives 🙏 praise him, Amen with all your heart

However, the Bishop expressed doubt in this post from the diocesan spokesperson:

“Faced with versions of an alleged Eucharistic miracle that would have occurred on August 31 of this year, the Bishop of Morón, Father Jorge Vázquez, affirms through the testimony of the priest who celebrated Mass that day that it would in no way be a Eucharistic miracle , since the hosts to which the audios and texts refer were not consecrated by any priest, but were dropped before being presented in the offerings.
These hosts were kept in a plastic bag, and then they were put in water to dissolve them, as is usual in these cases.
However, for everyone’s peace of mind, the Bishop has already begun the corresponding investigation and the analysis of said hosts will be carried out in the laboratory.”
Martín Bernal – Spokesperson
What will the investigation reveal? Will this be certified a miracle or become one of those closed by the Church as a fake?

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