Blood of St Januarius liquefies once again in Naples Cathedral

The miracle of the liquefaction of the blood of St Januarius happened again at the Cathedral of Naples, Italy, on September 19, the saint’s feast day.

St Januarius was a Bishop of Naples who is believed to have been martyred around the year 305 during the Diocletian persecution.

His blood is kept in a sealed glass ampoule and traditionally liquefies three times a year: on September 19, December 16 and the Saturday before the first Sunday of May.

The blood of St Januarius liquefied in the presence of Pope Francis in March last year, the first time it had happened in the presence of a Pontiff since 1848 on Saturday.

The blood of the patron saint of Naples, which is normally solid, partially liquefied after Pope Francis kissed the relic during his day trip to the southern Italian city.

According to AFP, Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe of Naples showed the vial to the congregation in the city’s cathedral, saying: “The blood has half liquefied, which shows that St Januarius loves our Pope and Naples.”

Pope Francis responded: “The bishop just announced that the blood half liquefied. We can see the saint only half loves us. We must all spread the word, so that he loves us more!”



  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    A little research reveals some interesting points about this parlor trick(?). First the RCC has no official statement on this. They let you believe this if you want to, but they don’t go on record calling it a miracle. The RCC won’t permit the jar to be opened or scientifically examined. Experts examining it have concluded, “the red-coloured contents are a thixotropic substance, based on iron chloride. This means that it liquefies when stirred or vibrated and returns to solid form when left to stand. According to Cicap, the substance was probably stumbled upon by an alchemist or a painter in medieval times.” Others say this property should have been lost by now, but unless we scientifically test it, we can’t know for sure. There are some tests that can be done without opening the vial, but apparently even those are not permitted.
    It’s also interesting that “The Catholic Church has never been able to document Gennaro’s existence as an actual historical personage, and in the 1960s his importance was greatly diminished, along with the other folkloric figures like Saint George the legendary dragon slayer. There is no historical record for the alleged martyr’s “blood” until the late fourteenth century, more than a millennium after his reputed beheading.” I think it’s also interesting that “adding to skeptic’s suspicions, there are some twenty other saints’ bloods that liquefy, virtually every one of them from the Naples area–suggestive of some local secret.” So, for over 1000 years there was no record of this blood, and then it magically appears? Huge credibility gap.
    Unless the Church permits real scientific investigation, we can’t know for sure. It’s astounding to me, that an all-powerful being shows his existence through parlor tricks like this instead of doing something really amazing like curing cancer or Alzheimer’s, or growing back amputated limbs. Tricks like this would actually demean an all-powerful being if such existed.

      1. Patrick Gannon Reply

        I don’t understand the purpose of your link, Facundo. There’s no mention of Januarius. What you have is a list of medical conditions that apparently cleared up on their own. It happens, and not just to Catholics or even Christians. I searched for someone on the list who grew back an amputated limb – that would be a real miracle, but alas, Yahweh is apparently incapable of that particular miracle. He can only fix things that occasionally fix themselves.

  2. Miguelito Sobrevinas Reply

    For me you patrick is one great wonder from the ONE WHOM you little creature failed to understand.

  3. Miguelito Sobrevinas Reply

    For those who believes no explanation is needed,, and for those who do not believe no words is possible. Even faith comes from HIM,,but how can you pray for it,,??you only have yourself to believe in. You are so bright yet you are seeing so dark.

    1. Patrick Gannon Reply

      So “faith comes from HIM,” but we are held personally responsible for not having it? Yahweh-Jesus decides not to give faith to atheists and agnostics, and then punishes them for being the way he made them? Is that what you are suggesting?

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