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British actor Joseph Fiennes wept as he meet with Pope Francis

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White British actor, Joseph Fiennes joined the pilgrims on Wednesday for the Pope’s weekly general audience at St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican City.  He was in Rome to promote his new film Risen, where he played the role of a man investigating the disappearance of Jesus Christ’s body after the crucifixion. He was accompanied by his wife, Swiss model Maria Dolores Dieguez, and his 2 daughters.
The 45-year-old star who was baptized a Catholic, sharing his experience in meeting the Pope said, “I tried to maintain a face that was calm and cool but I blubbered like a baby, I don’t know what it is, he’s authentic!”
“I like that he’s challenging, especially in today’s world. I think it’s wonderful that he represents an authenticity that speaks to the people. So he’s an important man, he’s deeply connected in a spiritual way.”
The Holy Father welcomed the actor and his family then gave his oldest daughter a kiss on her forehead after the General Audience.
Speaking about the Pope’s simplicity, Fiennes said, “He’s a man who carries his own suitcase. He’s a man that doesn’t want the pomp and the ceremony. He’s stripping it down!
Joseph Fiennes and his wife wedded in the Catholic Church in 2009.

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