British Church leaders condemn the "far-right" group's campaign against Islam

The Church leaders of the Britain have all condemned the march against islam by the “Far-Right” group following their recent march and campaign through a Muslim area of Luton. The group as lead by Paul Golding, a former British National Party councillor have claimed that they are aimed at achieving “the maintenance of British national sovereignty, independence and freedom” and for a return to “Christian culture”.
In an interview Golding, speaking for his group inferred that; that Britain “is built on Christianity”, and that “Jesus Christ did use physical violence according to the Gospels in the temple in Jerusalem, and he met a very violent end. He preached love and forgiveness etc, but he also said he didn’t come to bring peace; he came to bring division and a sword, he came to bring fire upon the world to sort the world out.”
Representatives from fourteen different churches in Britain responded to the Huffington Post, condemning the activities of the “Far-Right” group, indicating that it in no way represent any true Christian.
“It’s extremely painful for any Christian when the name of Jesus Christ is hijacked to justify hatred and to spread fear and mistrust. It is actually a kind of blasphemy.” said Fr Damian Howard SJ, on behalf of the Catholic Church.
He said he had “no hesitation in denouncing their [Britain First’s] crude and divisive tactics as totally contrary to the true spirit of Christian love.”
“Catholics and others will follow the spiritual leadership of Pope Francis who encourages us all to welcome the stranger and to set out on the path of dialogue with people of other religions” Fr Howard added.

Raphael Benedict

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  1. Where were these same British Church leaders when ~1400 young English girls in Rotherham were being groomed, abducted, raped, tortured, prostituted and trafficked over a ~16 year period by Pakistani Muslims? Rapes that the police and social services were also aware of but rather than heed the advice resulting from three reports over a ten year period, properly investigate and charge the rapists for these crimes they decided to turn a blind eye for fear of being labelled as ‘racist’, one girl has since disappeared, a Muslim kebab shop owner was overheard joking that she was turned into kebabs and sold to the public.
    Where are the church leaders voices in relation to the Rochdale, Oxford, Derby, Bristol, Telford, Peterborough, Banbury, Aylesbury, Keighley muslim led sex gang attacks?
    Why are these same Church leaders not condemning the apartheid ‘Muslim only’ areas in parts of England in which the Police are now obliged to ask local Muslim community leaders for permission to enter these areas?
    Where are the Church leaders when militant members of these same Muslim patrols are physically attacking the indigenous English for drinking alcohol in public or for simply walking their dog? No doubt women are also harassed for not wearing the customary bin liner or walking unaccompanied.
    Where are the Church leaders voices in response to the ~200,000 abortions/year in the UK?
    Where are the Church leaders voices in response to the explosion of violence across the UK in the last 15 years, particularly knife crime? The extent of which is per capita worse than US violent assault and knife crime rates!
    The rise of so many ‘far right’ grass roots nationalist movements and political parties across Europe is due to a complete loss of faith in the so called pillars of our society, namely the mainstream media, the police, the church and political establishment who have completely sold out the indigenous populations of Europe in the name of multiculturalism and political correctness, and just like feminism, pro abortion, equality, LGBTQxyz ‘rights’ etc these supposed liberal progressive causes, which fly under the banner of leftist socialism or cultural Marxism as its sometimes referred, are the enemy of traditionalism, conservatism and true Christianity.
    If your Parish Priest espouses any of these liberal progressive ideas please do say something, its way past time Catholics took a stand against this diabolical nonsense which has caused so much harm throughout our societies, many fed up parishioners are voting with their feet which can be seen by the rise in Traditional Catholic Latin Mass and Orthodox Church attendance figures.

  2. yeah its true but there are times that you have to fight for your faith and live with it, without even using hatred…standing for your faith is not discrimination but a sense of urgency that Catholicism with Christ example has to be revealed through loving even your enemy but the question is how?….actions speak louder than words, how do we preach well without our share…according to how we practice. its hypocrisy, isn’t it ? when we just preach without audible voice of action or act as an opposition through convincing others to make stupidity against our brothers or sisters with different belief….let us not make collateral damage by telling our brothers to hate our neighbors, however, when an enemy is coming to massacre our family members let us pls rise to move to defend!!!! when our faith in God is at risk, what will we do? Act like nothing happens….let us be persistent with our faith through good works not just by good words only..we will not be a good example by just looking some victims being victimized without putting our presence with them give them a little share that would give them even a little ease…maybe easier said than done but this is the best way for those who preach both the words and the works in goodness. fight not through hatred instead, preach what’s being done……in catholic christian way!!!!!

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