Burmese Cardinal applauds his country's elections

Myanmar have not in decades before now experienced a free, fair and peaceful election. Burmeses are very happy of the fact that their nation have come to that level of development and maturity as to be able to achieve a peaceful and free election.
Joining with his fellow Burmeses in welcoming the elections is Cardinal Charles Maung Bo of Yangon. The Cardinal sent his regards and heartfelt gratitude to all the public officials who have arranged for elections, the cardinal observes that “merchants of hatred are out in the open, trying to sully the good name of our nation.” Recognizing the tensions surrounding the vote, he remarks that keeping the elections peaceful will be a challenge.
“Going to the voting booth is a pilgrimage of hope,” the cardinal writes. Citing the elections as a “great dream” that the people of Myanmar have awaited for  decades, he concludes his statement: “God bless this great nation!”

Raphael Benedict

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