Can Catholics be cremated? I was taught that cremation is a pagan ritual and therefore forbidden.

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Can Catholics be cremated? I was taught that cremation is a pagan ritual and therefore forbidden.


Early Christians opposed cremation because pagans often cremated their dead as a sign of disdain for the Christian’s belief in the physical resurrection of the body. To protect belief in this doctrine of faith, the Church forbade cremation. That prohibition was lifted in 1963.

The Church still recommends that the faithful be buried, but Catholics may be cremated so long as cremation does not demonstrate a denial of belief in the resurrection of the body (CCC 2301).

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  1. My Dad was cremated and we found a local Catholic church that has ground space that was consecrated and people’s ashes are buried there…gave the entire family peace of mind..to know that my dad’s ashes would never wonder from place to place. The priest buried his ashes and we had a small ceremony.

  2. Goes back to tradition>Was Jesus buried or cremated??what about the apostles??Why are not they cremated??What about You when you die??Please do ask the Why question..Reason things out>be rational..we are rational, thinking beingsdo not just be argumentative trying to defend youself..shallow & narrow minds do not speculate..They argue unnecessarily”KEEP Hold to The tradition you have been taught”(Its Biblical)

    1. The bible does not instruct how we dispose the dead body. Saul’s son was cremated too. A lot of martyrs were cremated and their ashes scattered. Don’t limit God’s power.

  3. Cremation is a personal preference. How would we know if they’re in corrupt if they’re buried any2ay? So far in my life time I have never met anyone even close to sainthood. So font worry about your body being incorrupt or you would be a priest, monk or missionary dedicating your life to God and doing his work.

  4. I feel that if our body is just our vessel on Earth and our soul is what goes to heaven, not our body, that being cremated is not a problem because our soul is what matters the most.

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