Can I witness my grandson’s Lutheran first communion?

Can I witness my grandson’s Lutheran first communion?


Frankly, we cannot encourage attending such an event since it would imply that you believe the Lutherans validly celebrate the Eucharist. I believe that the Lutherans who receive communion good faith will be blessed by God in some way. Even though what they receive is not the body of Christ since they do not have valid priesthood. They rejected the priesthood at the time they broke away from the Church, so their ministers do not have the power to celebrate the Eucharist.

This is why your attendance would be tantamount to bearing false witness that your grandson is actually receiving further Christian initiation by receiving the Eucharist. It would be different if you were attending a ceremony in a non-Catholic Church that is actually valid (Like the Greek or Russian Orthodox churches).

We know this is a difficult thing to do, but this is the cost of bearing witness to Christ. We recommend you gently explain your position without confrontation.

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  1. You must go for the sake of love,,,your grandson ,daughter and son in law …..what nonsense the catholic church recognises marriage and baptism in a lutheran church without valid priest ,but not firstcommunion…what nasty sacarcism…….In the first place ,,,Although I am Catholic,,,,,,,the catholic church should blame themselves for this reformation by Martin Luther….if the catholiv church wS not corrupt at that time this would not have happened….you must attend the ceremony of your grandson although we as catholics dont except it ,,,but you cannot by anyway ignore it he is your blood….please bless him and give him your advice on how je should live a good christian life…He will find out whats right and wrong for himself …Grandparents are loved alot dont take the love of innocence away from you…Please please attend the first communion in Jesus Mary and Josephs name .May the Holy spirit guide you to it.

  2. I think your answer is your own advice. Our Parish, in RCIA it was acknowledged to attend other denominations, as guests. When I visit my brother in Mississippi, I, sometimes go to their Baptist Church, because my nephew is involved within the church, musically. One shall not partake in communion, but to witness a grandchilds event. You are way out of your league.

  3. I truly think you both should attend to give support to your kids, but if you may not be part of the communion as catholics don’t believe in other denominations communion but not going will really hurt your kids

  4. Whether the Lutherans in question have valid (even though unlawful by canonical law) priesthood or not depends on what branch of Lutheranism they belong to. In Scandinavia, for example, the whole Church converted to Lutheranism with the kings and retained the succession of bishops and priests. (Only in recent times have some of them broken the succession by “ordaining” women bishops.)

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