Can I witness my grandson’s Lutheran first communion?

Can I witness my grandson’s Lutheran first communion?


Frankly, we cannot encourage attending such an event since it would imply that you believe the Lutherans validly celebrate the Eucharist. I believe that the Lutherans who receive communion good faith will be blessed by God in some way. Even though what they receive is not the body of Christ since they do not have valid priesthood. They rejected the priesthood at the time they broke away from the Church, so their ministers do not have the power to celebrate the Eucharist.

This is why your attendance would be tantamount to bearing false witness that your grandson is actually receiving further Christian initiation by receiving the Eucharist. It would be different if you were attending a ceremony in a non-Catholic Church that is actually valid (Like the Greek or Russian Orthodox churches).

We know this is a difficult thing to do, but this is the cost of bearing witness to Christ. We recommend you gently explain your position without confrontation.

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  1. As a Catholic I will always defend my Faith and what is Truth.
    Yes we are all brothers and sisters in Christ and we must Love one another, for God is Love and Love is God. The Catholic Church is the one true Church established by Jesus. All other denominations are man made.
    When in doubt of a decision such as this go to the Priest and explain to him the situation, there are decisions to be made of which we might not like but what is right. We must put God first in our life above all else and abide by the teachings of Jesus Christ…there is only one Baptism…one Eucharist…one Holy Apostolic Church…God bless all!

  2. Does anyone believe that on their judgment day before Christ, that He will bring up this issue? Catholics don’t have any clue as to the salvation plan and final covenant that The Father and Son developed to re-establish a loving relationship with mankind. Why is that? Catholics don’t read the Bible, the Written Word of God, don’t own one, and have no idea who God is, what God wants from Man, and why Christ came to Earth, and what was His ministry was really about. Catholics even to save their own human lives could not recite the tenets of God’s salvation plan, and what they truly need to do to be saved and experience eternal life. Catholics have given up their belief in Christ and feel more comfortable in believing in the 2865 CCC of the Adult Catechism of 2004 as their road map to heaven. Catholics love rules. Converts to Catholicism, come for the comforts of further rules, and the feeling of exclusiveness, they believe that their Catholic beliefs now allow them to feel that they are better than anyone else’s. Catholics are going to be totally shocked when they get to heaven and find that they are sharing eternity with people of the many Christian faiths here on this earth.

    1. Catholics have developed their faith from the Bible and from Tradition – which is the spoken word of God passed from Apostles to their disciples to this day, in one unbroken succession. If you believe the writings of the Apostles past but don’t believe in the words of the Apostles present, you are as impeded (sight-wise) as those who doubted Jesus when HE, the eternal Light stared them in the face. A lot of people at the time of Jesus quoted the Prophets past, they loved running to scripture, but they could not comprehend the magnitude of God’s love in sending His Son to the world – So even when they looked at the very source of all they quoted, they still could not believe, why? Because “the present” is too near for them to believe anything heavenly could possibly proceed or work through it.

      The Church you criticize all so mindlessly carefully studies the bible. “Carefully” because the Word of God isn’t something anyone con just up and perfectly understand. Everyone, from the time of old until now needs the help of Nature to nurture grace. Nature meaning you’ll learn, even after receiving the Spirit, you will be told what to do A gradual process no less. Just like the encounter with Saul, Jesus told him ” you will be told what to do”. The Church studies this scripture to make sense of the Eternal “Big Picture”, this is how She is able to know what fits and what obstructs this plan of God’s for the world. This is how the Catechism was developed. Hand on Scripture, Tradition and a God-given understanding of the Eternal Plan (as he permits us to know at this time in history). The Church, contrary to your assertions believe and live the Scripture MORE, MUCH MORE than any denomination. In her many ministries and charisms. There are many who LITERALLY live the lives of Christ and his Apostles by devoting their ENTIRE LIFE to prayer, evangelism and charity. No self seeking, no pomp, no money or affluence, no personal earthly possession.

      And The Apostles also had rules, unless you don’t read the bible you claim belongs to you alone. There is no organized body without rules. So before wasting your time, do some research and see the immense good God has done in the world through the Catholic Church. Even a blind person can see it, i wonder why you can’t.

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