Can My Daughter Be Baptized Without a Legal Father?

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Can my daughter be baptized without a legally established biological father?


Yes, your daughter can be baptized and no father is required to be listed in the sacramental record if he is not named on any public document.
Canon 877  (emphasis added):

§1. The pastor of the place where the baptism is celebrated must carefully and without any delay record in the baptismal register the names of the baptized, with mention made of the minister, parents, sponsors, witnesses, if any, the place and date of the conferral of the baptism, and the date and place of birth.
§2. If it concerns a child born to an unmarried mother, the name of the mother must be inserted, if her maternity is established publicly or if she seeks it willingly in writing or before two witnesses. Moreover, the name of the father must be inscribed if a public document or his own declaration before the pastor and two witnesses proves his paternity; in other cases, the name of the baptized is inscribed with no mention of the name of the father or the parents.

By Fr. Charles Grondin

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