Can the Chaplet Be Prayed on One Decade?

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How would you pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy using only one decade of a rosary?


If you don’t have a full rosary, you can certainly pray a Chaplet of Divine Mercy on a single decade. You would simply progress through the single decade of beads five consecutive times, similar to how a person who has a rosary ring with ten nodules would pray the Chaplet or Rosary by turning their ring five times.

I also know a person with a chronic tennis-elbow problem for whom holding a rosary aggravates the condition. This person prays a Chaplet or rosary each day using ten fingers to keep track of the decades. One need not use an actual rosary to have one’s prayers count.

By Tom Nash


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  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    “One need not use an actual rosary to have one’s prayers count.”
    Count for what? What reward does one get for accomplishing this?
    Has anyone considered directing this prayer to healing an amputee? Why does that prayer never work? Does your god hate amputees?

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