Can the Church founded by Christ mislead?

Many people who attack certain teachings end up showing their ignorance not in what they say but in what they attack; they show they do not actually understand the real logic at the heart of certain religious tenets.
Insofar as the Lord has promised “… the gates of Hades cannot prevail” Christians with childlike trust in the Lord derive from this faithful promise an assurance that just as the Church cannot be misled, She cannot also mislead them. The mere fact that God, who is Absolute Truth cannot lie.
The statement “The Church has gone astray” is self contradictory and is synonymous with “the church is misleading people” since the two are one and the same thing. This contradiction is not in the fact that humans to whom the Church has been entrusted by the Lord cannot make personal mistakes or even abuse the very positions they occupy, Peter was rebuked by St Paul for a mistake, Judas abused his position as Apostle to his personal gains, However, that word is contradictory since even with personal defects of her members, the Church can neither be misled nor mislead because of the One whose body it is. Christ is HEAD, the Church his BODY, it is because of the strength of this Head that the Church His body cannot be in error not because of the humans who make up the body, but the Lord whose body those humans are. So when the body of Christ takes an action, it is divine, it is Christ insofar as the action is official, and what’s more, in form of a council.
The validity of these statements can be found in reason and in the NT. Reason will tell whoever possesses it, that IF Christ is God, HE IS FAITHFUL, and IF HE IS FAITHFUL, His word is FAITHFUL, and IF his word is faithful, He needs only to utter it, And IF HE utters it, That Word CAN NEITHER FAIL NOR CHANGE. So even when things seem impossible, his word is still faithful, even when Abraham is promised progeny in old age, his word is faithful, even when asked to kill Issac through whom Abraham will “Father the nations” His word is faithful, Even when he commands things contrary to our own way of thinking, his word is faithful.  Faithfulness is his name. So how will His very body fail? Even with his promise, how could one accuse God of failing?
Indeed the belief that reads “the Church has failed” is an offspring; the overt version of the covert belief that “Christ has failed”. Because if one says the Church failed, it means that to such person, Christ’s promises may also fail since Christ cannot keep his word or does not have enough power over hell, and we know this is an unchristian thought, “I shall be with you always until the close of age” was his other promise to his Church. Indeed, i can boldly say that Christ has no other occupation than to “tend his flock”, to look after his bride the church, and through her “draw all men to himself” since for her “he is lifted up” and she was born from his pierced side on the Cross; from his Sacred heart. What other business does Christ have than the salvation of all? And how will he not look after his Church “the minister of salvation” ?
Christ’s ability to see the future, being the Son of God incarnate, gives people of Faith the comfort they need when faced with perplexity in the often solid-baked doctrinal bread of the Church. Such was the disposition of Peter when he said “to whom shall we go, you have the words of eternal life”.
So a Christian who is faced with this perplexity should, in the face of this faith-threat, trust in the words of Christ and adopt the attitude of St Peter, trusting that God knows better than man; God whose eternal gaze had fore-seen the fate of the Church and still said “whoever listens to you listens to me” (to the Apostles and their successors) and “the gates of Hades shall never prevail”
Can Christ’s word be true when he promises eternal life and fail when he commands our faithful adherence to his Body?
However if a Christian believes that the words of Christ cannot fail, and that the Lord actually made certain promises to his Church, then that Christian has no option than to grant the Church the application of that promise which is absolute infallibility, basing on an Absolutely Infallible Lord Jesus Christ, the Eternal Word who is himself unchangeable. If that promise still stands, it follows that the Church cannot err in her teachings, and if the Church cannot err, there is no real need for separation from her. Therefore one may say with all boldness that anyone who tears himself away from this Church for doctrinal issues is in error since this Church cannot err. However if we say that such person is not in error because he has the mandate of Christ, i say that is true if and only if the Lord wills the disintegration of his Body the Church, and Jesus does not love being torn apart, at least not after the sufferings he endured on the cross.
Besides in his priestly prayer he expressly made his will known “Father, that they may be One” “for this is the only way people will believe they are from you” QUOTE.
The Spirit of God is one of Unity; he gathers, Jesus is a gatherer, wherever his Spirit comes, the natural force is to unite, to gather. So that even with diverse tongues, beliefs, and cultures, the Church still is One today.
His Church is his body, and He cannot lie, therefore his Church cannot mislead nor be misled.
Written by GabrelMary Alimba

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  1. It is impossible for the Church which is the Mystical Body of Christ to err, it is the infallibility of the Church under the protection of the Holy Spirit

  2. Were there is man involved, there is fallibility; read our history, read also the seven letters to the seven churches all of chapter 2 and chapter 3. In the book of Revelation.

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