Cardinal Nichols urges Britain to be ‘more generous’ to migrants

By September 4, 2015 No Comments

The cardinal gave an interview to ITV news last night about the growing migrant crisis
Britain must be more generous to desperate migrants Cardinal Vincent Nichols has said.
In an interview with ITV news yesterday, Cardinal Nichols said the British public had told him it was “a disgrace that we were letting people die and seeing bodies on the beaches when together Europe is such a wealthy place”.
“If we take 10,000, it’s a fraction of the problem,” he told the reporter.
The migrants crisis facing Europe has escalated since a lorry was found on an Austrian motorway with the decomposing bodies of 71 Syrian asylum seekers including a baby girl, inside.
He said: “People are beginning to see the human face of this suffering, so it’s no longer an abstract problem of people who are on the scrounge, it’s not.
“It’s people who are desperate for the sake of their families, their elderly, their youngsters, their children, and the more we see that the more the opportunity for a political response that’s a bit more generous is growing.”
“What is screaming out is the human tragedy of this problem.”
News emerged today that at least 12 Syrians trying to reach Greece have drowned off Turkey.
An image of one of the victims – a young boy lying face down on the beach – has sparked an international outcry.