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Bomb set off at Mexican Bishops’ Conference headquarters

Unidentified persons set off an explosive today at the headquarters of the Mexican Bishops’ Conference (CEM) in Mexico City. No one was injured, according to a conference spokesman. A security camera video shared by Bishop Ramon Castro of Cuernavaca shows footage from inside the building of the moment the explosive went off outside the facilities.

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Pope phones trash man who lost legs in accident

Maximiliano Acuña is a garbage collector in Buenos Aires who earlier this year was injured in a serious accident that left him without legs. On Tuesday, he was surprised to receive an unexpected phone call from Pope Francis. The Pope offered words of encouragement, 33-year-old Acuña told the Argentine Morfi Television program. On March 22,

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Caracas archdiocese rebukes attack on voters in Venezuela referendum

Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino of Caracas has repudiated Sunday’s attack on a referendum in which the vast majority of participants expressed their opposition to the constituent assembly called by President Maduro. The July 16 attack was carried out by armed groups in support of the nation’s socialist government. Venezuela’s government plans to hold a constituent

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Shots fired at people voting outside church in Venezuela

Armed civilians who support the Venezuelan regime opened fire against a large crowd of protestors who were participating in a symbolic referendum in Caracas on Sunday. The incident forced hundreds to seek refuge inside Our Lady of Mount Carmel church where they stayed until the local archbishop Cardinal Jorje Urosa Savino mediated their safe exit.

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These youth feed 2000 homeless people every night in Uruguay

For many people, a warm meal is a way to come together, celebrate, and spend time with friends and family. For homeless people living on the streets of Montevideo, Uruguay, it’s an experience that’s rare. But about 500 young people in the city are working to change that. Every night, especially in wintertime, around 16

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Official song of World Youth Day Panama released

On Monday the Archdiocese of Panama released the official theme song of the next World Youth Day, to be held in Panama Jan. 22-27, 2019. Reflecting the Marian theme of the upcoming international youth gathering, the song is named for the passage in Luke where Mary agrees to be the Mother of God with the

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