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Pope Francis prays for victims of deadly London attack

After four people died in an apparent terrorist attack in London yesterday, Pope Francis has voiced his sorrow and solidarity for the victims and their families, entrusting them and the nation to God’s mercy. “Deeply saddened to learn of the loss of life and of the injuries caused by the attack in central London, His

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Christ’s tomb reveals surprise after restoration

The burial tomb of Jesus has been reopened to the public following a lengthy restoration. A Greek team has renovated the Edicule, a small shrine covering the slab of stone where Jesus’ body was placed. In the process, they discovered a surprise. Christ’s tomb in Jerusalem has completed renovation. The Christian shrine rests within one

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Four Ethiopia nuns killed in car crash on the way to a funeral

The Church in Ethiopia is mourning the deaths of four religious sisters who died in a car accident that critically injured three other sisters. The accident involved members of the Congregation of the Daughters of St. Anne. Eight sisters were driving to the city of Hawassa for a funeral of one sister’s relative. Near the

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More than 200 Korean martyrs are up for beatification

The first Bishop of Pyongyang, an American born-bishop, and numerous priests and laity are among the 213 who could be beatified and advanced on the process to sainthood under a process begun in South Korea. Bishop Lazarus You Heung-sik of Daejon predicted it will take at least ten years before any beatification or canonization, “but

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For women, Vatican’s new female advisory group ‘a good start’

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A new advisory group for the Pontifical Council for Culture is being hailed as the beginning of a greater representation of women in leadership at the Vatican. On March 7 the Council presented their 37-member “Women’s Consultation Group,” which they established in 2015 as a way to give women a voice in places where it

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This priest says Adoration has made Juarez a safer city

Juarez, located in the state of Chihuahua in northern Mexico, was considered from 2008 to 2010 to be one of the the most dangerous cities in the world, due to drug trafficking violence and the constant struggles for power and territory between the cartels. However, the city of 1.3 million inhabitants dropped off this list

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Exorcists warn against Wiccan spell to bind Donald Trump

Witches in the U.S. are offering a solution to those who say Donald Trump is not their president: cast a spell on him. It’s a planned monthly event that began Friday, Feb. 23 at the stroke of midnight Eastern Time. Witches from around the country are casting a mass spell to drive Trump from office.

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